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Reisig’s Releases New Book

Local author Michael Reisig has just released the third book in his Caribbean Gold Series. Titled Caribbean Gold — The Treasure of Margarita, the novel has already soared to the top of rankings, hitting number one in the “Historical Caribbean and Latin American Adventure” category, and presently, number two in “Sea Adventures,” and “Travel Adventures.”

Reisig says this new one is his favorite of this series, but readers will have to decide.

Filled with historical and modern adventure, sizzling romance, and Caribbean intrigue, The Treasure of Margarita spans three centuries of high adventure. Beginning in 1692 in the pirate stronghold of Port Royal, it carries the reader across the Southern Hemisphere in a collage of rip-roaring escapades. Then it soars forward five generations, into modern day intrigue and romance in Key West and the Caribbean.

A staggering fortune of Spanish black pearls and a 300-year-old letter with a handful of clues set the course that Travis Christian and William Cody embark upon.  But it’s not an easy sail. Seasoned with remarkable women and bizarre villains, including a Barbadian treasure-hunting gangster, a duo of persistent South Florida scoundrels, and last but not least the Russian mob, the adventure ricochets from one precarious situation to the next.

Reisig’s book is available for preview or purchase on in ebook form for $2.99 and paperback for $12.95.


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