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Representative Nate Bell Shares What He is Most Thankful For


Much of the news these days is consumed with reports of evil, mayhem and unhappiness. This week, I’d like to share ten things I’m thankful for with you.
In no particular order:

  1. Salvation through the unmerited grace and mercy of God & the promise of Heaven.
  2. My amazing wife & daughters.
  3. One vote can still change the course of history.
  4. I’m an American & an Arkansan who gets to live in one of the world’s most scenic & wonderful places.
  5. Liberty.
  6. The trust and privilege of representing 29,000 people.
  7. Health.
  8. Shelter.
  9. I have enough food for hundreds of meals stored in my freezer while most of the world’s population spends their entire day securing their next meal.
  10. Friends.

I hope you’ll have the opportunity to spend a few moments this week reflecting on the blessings in your life and enjoying fellowship with your loved ones.
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