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Ring Out the Old and Bring in the New at OLT


The last performance of Willy Wonka was Sunday, May 4.  The play was a complete sell-out for all six performances.  A tremendous amount of work went into this play directed by Rudi Timmerman.  After such an enormous effort, one might think there would now be some down time with very little going on at OLT.  This is not the case. At the play ‘wrap party’ Sunday afternoon, there was excitement and talk about auditions for two plays this week!

Ordinarily, the Junior Ouachita Little Theatre (JOLT) produces one play during the summer.  This year, JOLT will be presenting two.  Gini Burt will be directing Hansel and Gretel and Brad Storey will direct The Secret Garden.  Auditions for both will be at OLT on Thursday, May 8, 7:00 – 9:00 PM and Saturday, May 10, 9:00 AM – noon.  Storey asks that those auditioning for The Secret Garden either be prepared to do a monologue or recite something memorized.

Gini Burt advises that the primary reason for two productions is that ordinarily the JOLT summer production provides an opportunity for the older children and teens.  The script of Hansel and Gretel calls for younger children.   Both boys and girls 6 to 10 years of age are encouraged to audition.  She emphasizes that she wants for the auditions to be a casual, fun time and not something to be dreaded.

The Secret Garden script is based on a classic novel where a young girl is orphaned and goes to live with her uncle in England.  The story is about the people she meets at the manor and the secret garden she discovers there.  There will be need for a few each young males and females.  For further information about this play, call 234-2321.

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