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More than 475 young men will attend the program's 81st session at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway from May 29 to June 3. On Friday of the program, students visit the State Capitol in Little Rock.

Rocha of Mena to attend Arkansas Boys State

Alex Rocha of Mena from Mena High School was nominated to represent his community and school at Arkansas Boys State 2022, an immersive leadership and civic engagement experience sponsored by the American Legion.

Rocha will join more than 475 young men attending the program’s 81st session at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway from May 29 to June 3.

“Arkansas Boys State is a legacy program that has produced remarkable local, state, national and international leaders,” said Lloyd Jackson, executive director of Arkansas Boys State. “That Alex was nominated to attend speaks volumes to his character, pursuit of excellence, and desire to make his community stronger.”

During his week at Arkansas Boys State, Rocha will be assigned a political party, city, and county. Throughout the week, he and his peers will administer, from the ground up, a mock government as if it were real: run for office, draft and pass legislation, solve municipal challenges, and engage constituents.

“We like to say that Arkansas Boys State is a week that shapes a lifetime, and our tens of thousands of alumni can attest to that,” said Jackson. “We’re thrilled that Alex is joining us and will experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Rocha and his peers at Arkansas Boys State will be guided through their experience by more than 50 volunteers who serve the program. The staff of volunteers includes college students and career professionals with interests and expertise in education, finance, industry, politics and government, journalism, and more.

The week’s activities, including keynote speakers, general assemblies, and election speeches, will be streamed live by Arkansas PBS on their Arkansas Citizens Access Network:

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