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School Elections Held Around the County on Tuesday


Elections were held around the county yesterday [Tuesday, September 20, 2016] for school board positions. On the Mena School Board, Todd Aynes will sit in Position 1; Ed Puckett, Position 3; Clint Montgomery, Position 5; Kyle Cannon, Position 6; and Brian Kesterson, Position 7. Robbie Hines and Judith Roberson also serve on the Mena School Board.

In the Cossatot River School District, Randy Sellers will sit for Zone 5 and Mike Fortner, Zone 6. They join Rusty Youngblood, Nick Strother, Debbie White, Mitchell Tidwell, and Mark Duggan.

Ouachita River School District’s ballot had three positions open. Jason Neugent, Rhonda Anderson, and Chris Tedder will all keep their positions. They join Cheryl Boyd, Gene Monk, Toy Adams, and Robby Strother.

All three school districts also had millage school taxes on the ballot as well. Each district held their millage rates at the same level as previous to the election. Mena School’s millage is 35.9; Cossatot River’s millage is 44; and Ouachita River’s millage rate is 31.3.

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  1. Did the bond extension on the Mena ballot pass? I’ve not heard.

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