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Schreiber Honored for Five Decades of Flying


On Saturday, November 1, 2014 members of the local community gathered at Mena Air Center Services FBO, at Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport, to honor Ken Schreiber, a much loved local pilot and flight instructor, and this week’s Pulse Citizen feature, on over 50 years of flying and approximately 30,000 flight hours.

After moving to Polk County in the early 1980’s, Schreiber began flying for Brodix and many other local businesses.  “He has always had a heart for every business on the field and looks out for the good of the companies.  He never charged what he was worth and has told me often, ‘we have to help keep these guys going.’ I think any pilot who has logged 30,000 hours and 55 years of flying needs to be commended and I wouldn’t be the pilot I am today without him.  He’s always looking out for someone,” explained Greg McDonald, a local pilot.

“Ken is an extremely loyal and trustworthy pilot and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.  I’m lucky to be someone who knows him well, I have enjoyed all of our chats over coffee,” said Keith Williams, manager of Mena Air Center Services FBO.

Schreiber is also well known locally as a flight instructor and through the years has taught many men and women to fly including current Airport Manager, Will Robbins.  “Ken started out flying for Brodix, but quickly became an icon for the airport.  So many people know him and he has done a tremendous amount of test flying for the local businesses.  He is also a tremendous instructor.  He is a real world teacher and teaches what will happen while you’re in the air and how to handle it.  He helped me an awful lot with my flying.  In aviation, you are always paying it forward, the old guy teaches the young guy and then he becomes the old guy.  I could never repay Ken for what he did for me. I have to do it for another guy,” Robbins said.

“I think Ken is following up on the heritage of Hamp Edwards and the Overturfs that are known for their dedication to aviation.  Ken has continued to do the same and that is what has made the airport what it is today,” explained Fred Hampton.


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