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Sherry Attends Arkansas School of Mathematics, Science, and the Arts

The grandson of Wickes couple, Mike and Sheri Richardson, has welcomed the rare opportunity of attending the Arkansas School of Mathematics, Science, and the Arts. Noah Sherry just finished up his sophomore year at DeQueen High School and will enter ASMSA as a junior. He will become one of the elite that are invited to study at the top ranked institution. The school ranks as one of the highest in the nation and is the number one high school in Arkansas.

ASMSA works much like a university does, with students staying on campus in dorms. The 230 students that enroll in the school each year, have their tuition, room, and board paid for by the school itself.

The once in a lifetime experience has given Noah “the best opportunity that could ever have happened” and he believes it will open many doors for him in the future.

Upon graduation from ASMSA, students can have up to 30 hours of college credit on their transcript.

Noah has welcomed the challenge of the new school, saying that regular high school, although he will miss it, wasn’t challenging enough. While at ASMSA, he wants to learn more about computer coding and programming and hopes to receive degrees in those fields when he attends college.


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