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Simmons Announces She will not Seek Re-Election


After seven terms and 14 years of service, Polk County Circuit Clerk Sharon Simmons has announced that she does not plan to seek re-election in 2016 and plans to retire, “It’s been a big decision especially because I enjoy everyone I work with so much… the courthouse is kind of like one big family.”

Simmons admitted that she is very much looking forward to more time with her children and grandchildren but especially her husband of 27 years, Arkansas State Trooper Mickey Simmons. “We’ve never been on the same schedule,” said Simmons. “It’s not easy being a state trooper’s wife. In all these years, I think we’ve only taken a couple of vacations. It’s time for us to have some time.”

Simmons considers her greatest accomplishment to be the computerization of the Circuit Clerk office and all records from 2002 forward being maintained electronically. “We’ve even got all of the deeds from back to the 1940’s scanned in,” said Simmons proudly as she spoke of the employees in her office. “I’ve always believed that if you treat your employees good, they’ll work hard for you. And, these ladies certainly do!”

Simmons said that she also considered it a great compliment that in seven elections, she has never attracted an opponent and his hopeful that is a reflection of how well her office has served the County. Understanding the importance that the office holds for its residents, she said her mission has always been for the records to be maintained so that everything ran smooth and efficiently, “You have to have everything right and there has to be a paper trail.”


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