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Southern Legislative Conference of 2014


My life’s priority is to help make our state a better place to live, work and raise a family. The necessary improvements will only happen as the result of ideas. Ideas inspire change and one of the best ways to learn is by sharing ideas and working together with other states.

Many times legislators from other states craft laws similar to bills we have already passed.  Conversely, many of our laws are patterned after successful implementation of ideas by other states. Legislators participate in a variety of legislative organizations that facilitate this sharing of information and networking. These organizations include the Council of State Governments, American Legislative Exchange Council, National Coalition of State Legislatures and several others.

Next month, Arkansans will see this sharing of ideas right here in our home state, as we will serve as the host state for the Southern Legislative Conference of 2014.  More than 1,000 legislators and legislative staff from 15 southern states are scheduled to attend.

The SLC is the largest of four regional legislative groups within the Council of State Governments.

Arkansas legislators are proud to host this event and we look forward to welcoming our southern colleagues to our state.
Last week, I joined with 105 state legislators from around the nation as we continued to work on developing rules and framework for state use of Article V of the US Constitution. I was appointed by Speaker of the House Davy Carter to represent the Arkansas House at this historic event and I’m excited to see real state led progress toward constitutionally restraining our out of control federal government. The Assembly of State Legislatures will meet again in December to continue the process.

I appreciate the privilege of representing you at the Arkansas Capitol. Please contact me if I can assist you. My cell phone number is 479-234-2092. Feel free to text or call. My email is

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