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Students Step Up to Help Mentor


There are many giving hearts in this world and there is no exception when it comes to children. Some third graders at Holly Harshman Elementary showed their giving spirits when they decided to help a teenager after an accident.

Nathan Donelson was involved in an accident earlier this year where he received several burns. Donelson is part of JAG at Mena High School and spends time with third graders at HHE as part of the program. When Donelson was suddenly absent from his weekly visits, the students began asking questions and learned of his injuries.

Paula Cox teaches third grade literacy at HHE and explained how the idea to help came up. “The kids in my three classes got to talking among themselves and wanted to do something for him, too. We discussed several options and they decided on the coin drive,” Cox explained.

Several classes made posters that were hung all over the school and coin jars were placed around as well. The students were diligent in bringing money and checking on the progress and were determined to raise at least $800… And, they did. All of third grade was involved and showed their true Team Mena spirit.

The students presented Donelson with the donation, much to his surprise, at the end of the school year. He is pictured with the top raising students, Taliyah  Defrenchie, Addison Thomas, Lauren Beck, Cody Hemphill, and Briar Lance.


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