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The Penuel Assembly of God




The Penuel Assembly of God Church was organized when a group of people wanted a Pentecostal church of their own, and began a weekly prayer meeting. After much prayer and personal effort, the home mission bought land for the church and Jason and Joyce Smith were appointed by the District to be the first pastors. On March 30, 1952, the first service was held in a large tent. Through great effort of the parishioners, eventually a church was built, and through many improvements over the years, The Penuel Assembly of God now has a fine edifice. Still, the present pastor, Kevin Price, says many new improvements are underway.

Kevin and his wife, Angela, have been married for 14 years, and have been blessed with four beautiful daughters: Makaila, Kennedy, Gabriella, and Brooklyn.  They moved from Memphis, Tenn., where Kevin was a youth pastor. “I felt the call to do more, and decided I wanted to pastor a church, so we sent out resumes,” Price said. “This assembly responded to our resume and here we are.”

They are a team and work together to lead the church under God’s direction.  They say the best way to describe their ministry style is servanthood — doing their best to make sure everyone feels welcomed, wanted and loved.  They are planting a vision of growth through intense worship, intercession, generosity, and healing, making sure each person finds their place in the Kingdom of Heaven, and learns how to use the gifts God has given them to become planted here at Penuel Assembly. Pastor Price will tell you that the mission of Penuel Assembly of God is to see the reality of the Father’s Kingdom released on Earth. Through the exalting of Jesus by unified, dynamic, Holy Spirit-inspired praise and worship and intercession. Placing emphasis on sacrificial, unwavering generosity, giving of time, talents, and gifts as an offering to The Lord, and extending the borders of the Kingdom through church, to our city, nation, and world by offering hope and healing to the whole person.

Pastor Price says his church is all about people encountering Jesus.

“We want to reach out – getting people meeting people, not having so many guidelines to God,” he adds. “I think it’s been made too difficult to find God – it should be easy. We want to revitalize the church and the sanctuary – we want to serve this community. We want to teach people that God intended us to have a great life, a better life, and I don’t think enough people recognize this and experience the abundant life God wants us to have.  We want to show everyone that God loves them, regardless of their present status – to help them physically, emotionally and spiritually. I also want to add that we have a great staff all dedicated to the same plan. Sec/Treasurer Edith Wegner, our children’s pastors, Matt and Janet Dean, our youth pastors, Steve and Sandra Robinson, and our worship leader, my wife, Angela, do a wonderful job. My deacons and my top leadership are just amazing.”

“I love the people of this congregation – they are so loving and supporting,” he continued. “I would describe them as my armor-bearers, surrounding us in prayer and lifting us up, always encouraging us and supportive of large and small visions.”

Pastor Price says the church is based on setting an atmosphere of people encountering Jesus face-to-face, and the church offers Christian Education Classes (Nursery through Adult), and Elevate UTH Ministries (Ages 12 to 17). “With all the pressures on teenagers today, we at Elevate UTH Ministries have found that they need a safe yet fun place to escape and unwind,” Price said.  “A place where they can get in contact with the only sources of help that can get them through these most crazy, uncertain times in their lives… these sources being God and good friends.  With our relevant weekly services, and youth camps, amusement parks, mall trips, lock-ins, outreaches and much more, we provide our youth with ample ways to connect to these sources. Not to mention our “E-Team”, a group for youth who have taken their spiritual lives to the next level where we help them to become a leadership voice for and to the rest of the group. So if you’re a teen or you know of a teen that could use such a place to get away and just be themselves, have them come and check us out.”

Sunday Morning Worship and Kid’s Church is at 10:30 a.m., Christian Education and Evening Worship is at 5 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study starts at 6 p.m., and Children’s Church and Youth is at 7 p.m.

“Visit with us some Sunday – we’ll find you a seat and a warm cup of java!” Pastor Price said. “When you reduce it all down, our goal is to proclaim ‘The Father is good! And He’s in a good mood!”

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