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    Across the towns of early America, during the Revolutionary War, civilian colonists independently organized a “first line of defense.” They were called “Minutemen,” and the did what they did for the love of country and community, and quite rightly for the fear that the freedom they had come to appreciate might well be taken away from them by a group of people who had no true love of America. 

    Today our nation is in the midst of a new struggle, and it is becoming as much physical as it is ideological. A new, very real battle is being fought to determine what type of society will emerge.  While Congress and its lawmakers continue their debates on new national policies, many of the cities and towns of this nation are being plagued by a growing lawlessness and a vicious new righteousness in the name of parity. 

    Thievery, random robbery, arson, and senseless violence have become far more prevalent across the country. The additional problem, exacerbated by all this, is fewer authorities. Police and fire forces are actually shrinking in some places, as many of the best personnel America has to offer are becoming disillusioned and overwhelmed, and are simply resigning their commissions. 

   Here in our area we are blessed with exceptional law enforcement, from the city police to the sheriff’s department. (And our fire departments – city and rural – are simply remarkable). But even so, this overall growing situation can create holes in the everyday safety net for communities, and law enforcement’s standard surveillance can suffer. In many places, the good guys are being overwhelmed and mayhem is increasing. In addition, as this situation grows, we are seeing a continuous migration of crime from the cities into surrounding rural areas, and this will, at some point, affect us directly.  But there is some hope… 

    Let me introduce an old concept that is once again, rising to meet the challenge across America, as it did long ago. Not with muskets or swords this time, but with vigilance, dedication, and trusty cell phones – The “SIXTY SECOND SENTINEL…” 

   Anyone can be a “Sentinel,” from teenagers to retirees. All it takes is a love of community and a belief in the dignity of service to your fellow man.  You too, can serve your neighborhood with pride – simply by paying attention to your surroundings at all times, networking with friends, family, and authorities, and continually watching for situations or individuals that seem questionable, or “out of place.” Observe, Analyze, and Report …  But only if you feel a situation actually warrants it, do you contact the authorities. 

   I repeat … You call the appropriate authorities! (Sheriff’s Department, Police Department, or Fire Department). It is not your responsibility to act on a situation, but to identify it!

    To all Polk County citizens I say, rise to the occasion here! Serve your family and your community with pride! Become the eyes and ears of your neighborhood. Network with friends! Maybe we can’t change the world, but with diligence and determination we can preserve our piece of it. 

                                      JOIN THE POLK COUNTY WATCH           

                   I Continually Watch For Suspicious or Unlawful Activity  

              I Immediately Notify The Authorities of “Unusual Situations”

                                      I Am A Sixty-Second Sentinel 

*** Watch forthcoming issues of The Pulse for more information on The Polk County Watch.  


   Given the times we live in — with the specter of life-threatening disease looming over all of us who come together in groups, large gatherings are just not in vogue right now. So, let’s treat this new community-protecting union, our “Polk County Watch” like a delicious rumor, or a wonderful new “empowering” perception…  Let’s pass it on to our neighbors, call our friends and tell them about it, incorporate our parents and our children who are in this community. Let’s make this spread like wildfire! Let’s have T-shirts and ball caps with the “Polk County Watch” prominently displayed. Let’s have Pro-Watch bumper stickers everywhere. We need to make Polk County the safest, most secure community in Arkansas, and in the process we’ll make Mena and the surrounding area the most damned uncomfortable place this side of hell for hoodlums, thieves, and hustlers!  

   All it takes is relatively good eyesight, a telephone/cell phone, and a continuous will to preserve your homeland…

  Join The Polk County Watch Today… Let’s all become “Sixty Second Sentinels”.  

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