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The Rise of Islam In America


I read the paper this morning — a collage of calamities around the world, the latest suicide bombing in Israel, new attacks in Indonesia, bombings in Iraq, and new information on the trials of al-Qaida members in America and abroad. As astounding as this is, the most frightening aspect of it all is the single thread that ties all of these hideous acts together — every person involved with these atrocities is a card-carrying Muslim.

It has always been my philosophy to carry my spiritual beliefs in my heart and allow others theirs — never feeling comfortable with forced-fed enlightenment — knowing that there is good in all men and allowing the Lord to plot his course for each of us regardless of our faith. I believe that the majority of religions were formed with goodness as the essence and motivated by kindness, but any philosophy is only as sound as those who practice it, and one has only to study history to see how easily religions can be subverted and perverted.

To say that all Muslims are evil or wicked or that the Muslim faith is without merit is prejudice to the point of blind stupidity, but in the same breath we as Americans (and people around the world) must drop our blind political correctness and recognize that there is a cancer festering within that philosophy which threatens the peace and security of the entire world. Islam has been subverted into a tenet of violence — of discontent and hatred by a handful of groups and individual leaders who are willing to destroy the world that exists without any thought to restructure beyond their own oblivious religious rage and bloodlust.

More importantly, this problem is visibly expanding here in America, and in the name of individual freedoms our government is doing little or nothing to prevent its spread. In the last 10 years Muslim immigration into the United States has increased by leaps and bounds, and America’s African-American population has embraced the Muslim philosophy to the point that it has the largest “conversion rate” of any belief among blacks. This doesn’t in any sense mean that all recent Islam converts are a threat to this country, but organizations such as Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the “New” Black Panthers are gathering more members and momentum in America, and anyone who has ever listened to one of Farrakhan’s addresses can hardly question his open hostility for this country, its leaders, and our way of life. Muslim schools are also flourishing in America (paid for with Middle East oil money) — schools that openly espouse a vehement social and political discontentment with Western philosophy — schools whose maps of the Middle East display no sign of Israel.

There is no easy solution to any of this, but as a beginning, America must recognize that the rules which have applied for so long — “Give us your poor, your hungry…” no matter who — and the concept of allowing subversive organizations to flourish in our backyard and thumb their noses at us, must change, or we will soon find ourselves a nation besieged from within and without.

New times require new rules and Americans must be willing to boldly confront potential dangers where they find them with a resolve devoid of political correctness. We must become less afraid of sacrificing a few superficial privileges and more concerned with sacrificing our very existence.

The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the ownership and staff of The Polk County Pulse. Michael Reisig is a freelance writer and published author whose works are reproduced throughout the globe.

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