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These Folks Really Know How to Spin a Good Yarn!


Spinning, weaving, good conversations, knitting, crocheting, laughter, good times and much more are happening at 607 Mena Street, in the Mena Art Gallery. Every Friday, around 11 am to 2 pm (more or less), a group of friendly fiber artists get together to learn from each other and have fun. If you have an interest in any type of fiber crafts, you are welcome to join them. Membership is free; just bring yourself and your current project!

There’s a lot of excitement and interest in this group. Sometimes they do “knit-alongs,” which involve a bunch of people working on the same pattern. It gets interesting to watch the same pattern evolving from various techniques, fibers and colors. Wow!

Now and then, car groups of adventurous members enjoy road trips to places like Arkadelphia, Hot Springs and Fort Smith to visit yarn shops and other fiber-temptations. If you have a favorite haunt that you think the group would enjoy, please do share.

The group call themselves Yarns and Yarns, and they live up to the name with lots of yarn being spun, good conversations, and all kinds of fiber art. If you have a yen for a yarn, come see what all the excitement is about!