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Tim Clark – A Man of Many Seasons


Tim Clark is a businessman, a husband, a father, an outdoorsman, a coach, and a man of faith, and like the talented juggler, he manages to balance each part of his life.

Clark was born and raised in Mena. He graduated from high school in 1995 and went on to Rich Mountain Community College. From there he attended The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and finished up at Henderson State University with a degree in Math and a second degree in Physical Education.

“My dad was a math teacher for 33 years and I knew with that degree I could do a number of things, and it was that degree that got me my present job with Diamond Bank,” Clark explained. “I also chose the Physical Ed degree because I had always been interested in coaching and working with kids – at Arkadelphia High School, where I started teaching, and here at Mena, for another year.”

Clark became involved in banking in 2003, because it too, satisfied certain criteria with him.

“I chose the profession because I enjoy helping people,” he explained. “I started my career at First National Bank, and later with Union Bank of Mena for about five years, but I eventually found a home with Diamond Bank in Mena, where I serve as a loan officer. I enjoy helping people reach their goals, and their dreams, and that encourages me to find those dreams for the next couple that comes through the doors. Sometimes people just need a chance, and it’s satisfying for me to give them that chance.”

Clark also finds satisfaction in faith. He attends The Crossing Church in Mena, and has served as a Sunday school teacher for over three years. He also offers his services as an usher and he is a member of their “Levis Team.”

“We work with the setup and preparation for our services and groups that use our auditorium for church or whatever events that take place,” he explained. “Then we break everything down for the following week. My faith is the most important thing my life. I’m willing to go wherever God leads me. He’s always there for me, always leading me.”

Clark met his wife, Staci, two and a half years ago, and he readily admits she is one of the greatest gifts he has ever received from God.

“We have a son, Damon, who is 11, and a seven-year-old daughter, Payton, and we are expecting on Feb. 1, 2014,” he explained. “Working with kids is an integral part of my life. I love coaching. I coach (assistant coach) for my son’s youth football and baseball team, and my daughter’s softball team. I love watching kids grow and develop into fine young men and women, and sports helps that take place.”

Clark is also an outdoorsman – he enjoys hunting and fishing and just being outside.

“I especially enjoy bow hunting because you get to see all the aspects of nature – all of God’s creations,” he said. “It’s not just the hunting, it’s being immersed in nature, watching the movement of all the animals, not only deer. Hunting also teaches patience. To me, a successful hunt can be just a great day out in the woods. It cleanses the soul.

“I love the small town environment we have here in Mena, the way everyone knows everyone.” Clark added. “I was raised to try to help others, and it seems to be easier to do that here, because of that small town feeling, and the nature of the people. This is home. Mena is home to me.”