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Vandervoort Elementary Purchased ‘Buddy Bench’ for Playground

Vandervoort Elementary purchased a “Buddy Bench” for the playground this year. Students who are lonely and need a friend can sit on the bench so other students will know they need a buddy. The following students were, chosen by their classmates, as the top “Buddies” for their class.

Preschool – Noah Brewer and Cambree Manning; Kindergarten – Tobin Dixon and Jayden Scott; 1st – Flint Dickerson and Jade Watkins; 2nd – Wyatt Gunn and Michael Howard; 3rd – Dani Atchley and Bradley Wade; 4th – Braylen Ralls and Justin Bell; 5th – Harley Loyd and Tyler Graham; 6th – Winnie Smith and Gracie Smith.

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  1. What a great idea. Where did you get the bench?

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