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Varnado Found Responsible for Tire Dumpsite in Scott County


Kyle R. Varnado, age 26, of Mena was issued a citation by Arkansas Forestry Commission LEO Billy Black last week after an investigation revealed that he was the single person responsible for allegedly dumping an estimated 300 to 400 tires along Pit Fork Road in Scott County.

Black also required that Varnado remove the tires. Furthermore, he was required to properly dispose of the tires at a recycle center and present a receipt verifying delivery.  Because of the cooperation during the investigation and assistance in cleaning the site, Varnado was only charged with a misdemeanor of ‘Discarding Certain Items,’ which is a more serious charge than littering or dumping. He will appear in Scott County Circuit Court September 3, at which time the judge could impose a $1,000 fine and 100 hours community service.

Varnado, at the time, was employed by Auto Repair Center, LLC  in Mena. The investigation revealed that the owner of the station had made arrangements for the proper disposal of the tires but prior to pick-up, Varnado had asked if he could have the tires for use at a family farm, of which, the owner agreed.

The next thing the owner said he knew, he had a U.S.F.S. agent contacting him on a Sunday afternoon with questions regarding the tires, which ultimately led to the questioning of Varnado. The owner told The Pulse that Varnado admitted to law enforcement that he had taken the tires to his family farm but when his mother would not allow him to leave the tires there, he panicked and just dumped them in the road. The owner said Varnado took full responsibility of his actions and explained to Black and U.S.F.S. LEO Joe Liles that he had acted alone when dumping the tires and that the owner believed the tires to have been taken to the Varnado farm for purpose of making fence posts.

Varnado is no longer employed at Automotive Alignment. The owner said that he is proud that he could assist the two law enforcement agencies in finding the person responsible.  Neither, the owner or the business, were found responsible in any way and were not issued any citations.


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