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Weathersby Publishes ‘Vegan Low-Fat & Sugar’

Mena Author and Health Educator Kyong Weathersby has published her eighth cookbook “Vegan Low-Fat & Sugar”, A Taste of Heaven, Book 8, and it is now available to the public. This cookbook contains 400 delicious, healthy, low-fat, and low-sugar dishes. Of the 400 plus recipes, 250 are Gluten-Free.

“If you are on low-fat and low-sugar diet for health reasons, then I know you will thoroughly enjoy this cookbook,” said Weathersby. You will enjoy how easy it is to fix breakfast, lunch, dinner, breads, soups, stews, casseroles, vegetarian meats, vegetarian patties, dressings, gravies, cheese, healthy desserts, and many more for you and for your family without all the fat and sugar. Another good thing about the cookbook is that you can find most of the ingredients in your grocery store.

The cookbook is cholesterol-free, high in fiber and high in Omega-3. This cookbook contains no eggs, no dairy, no MSG and no animal products. “You will be totally amazed how simple and easy it is to make these recipes, and yet they will satisfy you completely. It uses the most healthy ingredients that will promote excellent health and be a blessing to you,” said Weathersby.

Kyong and her husband, Larry Weathersby, have been taping cooking shows at Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN TV) for ten years and they are the owners of God’s Feeding Hands Mission Center in Mena. They share their cooking show DVDs at God’s Feeding Hands. You may call her at 479-243-9216 or you can visit her website at for more information about her cookbooks and health information.


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