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Wellness Seminar offers advice

Chef Mark Anthony recently gave a presentation at the Farm House Herbs and Health Food store and also at the Seventh Day Adventists church. 

He gave his testimony on eating a vegetarian lifestyle and the facts behind it, including that he is getting all of his vitamins and proteins, even if he is eating vegetarian only. 

He had his blood results to back the information he shared. He went over dietary links to COVID19 and spoke on which mask is best and the proper ways to wear it and remove it. 

If you are removing your mask in the middle before sanitizing your hands or touching your mask in the center at all, best practices for sanitization are not being followed.

Anthony shared detox drinks, immunity boosting stew, vegetarian cookies, vegetarian nachos, and more for taste testing.

Included in the pamphlets were free recipes for the samples and many more. 

The information event was free to the public with the goals of improving community member’s health.

Discussion was also held regarding diets and how bad diets are for you and why, as well as what to do when beginning to feel sluggish or sick, immune boosting food, what people actually need to consume more of, what retrogradation is and how its beneficial to the body, the worst things to consume, and the fabulous 5. 

You can find Anthony online for more information. His work history includes  catering for Foreigner and many other rock bands. He has a cooking show and has written several cookbooks. The Farm House frequently hosts free educational events and invites the public to attend. 

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