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“What Christmas Means to Me…”


Mrs. Trammell’s Class:

Karson: Christmas means a lot to me Christmas is a time of year when familys get together and get a Christmas trees and decorate and the grown ups get gifts for the cheldren and also santa claus give gifts for the children to.

zuriah-brave-on-purpleMariah: I eat cookies and milk wear PJ and open gives I like speeding time with my family its fun. But they can not come.

Chloe: Christmas means to me that you seladrat with family you deckarate a chrismas tree. You even have a big chrismas dinner with you hole family.

Tristan: It means family friends together.

Ryan: Fun but we don’t have time to set up the Christmas tree but we still get to put up the tree.

Kloey: Christmas is joyful/love. I love Christmas.

Matthew: I git a lot uv tos. And I git sum hot coco. And I git to paly in the smoe. I git to hag ornoments on the tree.

Gabriel: I get to play in the snoye.

Lilly: That you get to put decrashens on the tree. I have a star that changes corlers. Cristmas is to selabrate gesis brith day. Christmas is to have fun.

Ivan: Christmas to me means Christmas tree and you put dekerashns on the treers and dekerasshns with stockings with litts on yoru trees and gat some boxs if you can rap it in giftrap. Then put the boxs under the Christmas. And be good boys and you too gers. And had some wite wool and the wool look like sanw.

Aiden: Christmas means love and care on Christmas eve we have Christmas party sometimes we visit my grandpa that passed away.

Austin: Crismis is a tim uv yer wer you git to open presins but thas not wut crismis is about. Crismis is a tim win your famle gis togethr and has a grat tim.

Lanie: I go to my Grandparints hose and opne prasints. We sing Rottuff got shot by my papw. I dress up in raindeer cloths and my cusin gets a toy gun and my papw sings. And I say good bi to my elf on the shelf named Winter.

tucker-on-redTy: It means to me a joyful place and happy and it’s not all about present’s you get a lot of days off school you get open your drems.

Mason: It means a lot to me food presents. And stocenes, and santa. You can stay in pujmus.

Faith: I love chistmas. I’t is my favorite season. I like to go ice skating. I’t is fun. After that I jrink hot coco. Then I bild a snowman. After That I do a Christmas tree. My grandparent like Christmas.

Auden: It lights up my day it fills to so so god it fills like I cisst by a angul it fills like it is my birthday it fills like santa Gave me all my presints I wanted.

Mrs. Miller’s Class:

Brennan: Christmas is a time to spend time celebrating Jesus’s birth. I celebrate Christmas by spending time with my family.

Alayna: Christmas is a time when I get to open when I get to open presents with my sweet kind sister. Sometimes we try to guess whats inside my mom and dad wraps presents to. When we get it wrong they say nope even id we get it right they say nope because it’s a suprise.

Genesis: Having fun opening presents. I get toys that I want.

Jaxon: I have tin with my family. We throw snow balls at each other. I love my family. J

Jace: Christmas to me means I get to spend time with my family. We open presents when every body is awake.

Wyatt: Christmas is a time of joy because you get to spend time with your family. We watch movies and play games.

Seth: Christmas means to me having fun getting to open presents with my family! I love my family.

Deaton: To spend time with my family. We eat a delicious breakfast together on Christmas morning after we open a lot of presents.

Brenlei: Getting to play with my cousins. We have with my dog and on the trampaline.

Payton: Having fun opening awesome presents. I get to open presents I want.

Mylee: Christmas means to me spending time with my family. First, we read the bible together. Next, we open presents together. Then, we get dressed. Last, we go to my grandmas and grandpas.

Abigayle: Having fun opening presents and having fun with my family.

Emily: Having fun opening presents. I get to open them with my sister and mother.

Kaylee: Getting to play with my sister and brother and play games.

Braydon: Christmas is a time to have fun opening presents with my family. We get to open presents in the moring after breakfast.

robert-barrett-on-greenWaylon: Christmas is a time to spend with my family. We eat Breakfast together on Christmas morning arte [after] we open presents.

Taylor: Christmas means to me means to spend time with my mom and dad.

Mrs. Castor’s Class:

Laliegh Powell: Christmas is about a savior, a master, a father Jesus is a baby who was born on Jesus is our king. We selabrate Jesus’es Birthday. Christmas is not, not, not about toys it is about Jesus.

Clayton Dilbeck: Crismus mens you git prasits.

Jeffery Walters: Christmas is a day war you git presits.

Payton Rose: Christmas Means to Me That evreoun has fon/famille. Evreoun celebrates Jesus’ birthday. You even get presents. I hope you have a Mere Christmas!

Brayden Wilson: We have a great time openning presents. Its an Awesome time of the year. It’s the day we celebrate God’s birthday. It’s Christmas.

William Higgins: I love my family. I love Hawaii. I love everyone. I love the world. I like presents. I like anything. I am thankful for everyone. I love Christmas. I love everything.

Brayden Renick: Christmas means to celebrat Jesus birthday and to spend time whith your/my family. And to be thankful whith what you/I get.

Ruby Dewitt: Christmas is not just about the presents it is about family and hope and being thankful for what you have.

Emmi Hensley: Christmas means to me being with my family. Christmas means to me Jesus’s birthday. Christmas means to me loving my family. Christmas means to me Having fun with my family. Christmas means to me celebrating Jesus Christ and family.

Landon Bush: Love your family be thankful for what you got Love god Love jesus Love satu [Santa] I love Christmas I love mom dad meme papa mary JJ Bruse PooBar and that’s it and the rest mary chistmas!!!!!!!! Satu loves every body even me!!!!!!! Im so thankful

Niki Restine Nickowl: Christmas means to me. To hope and thankful for my family and everyone I know.

Emma Wells: My dog died on Chistmas eve. I love to celebrat Christmas and it is her birthday on the 15th. Her name is Pepperonie Wells. She will be 22.

Kaycee Harris: Christmas is my favrite holiday of the year! Jesus’s birthday we blessing ower family. Merry Christmas!

Kaiden Walls: My dogs birthday is on Christmas. Seeing my family and my friends. Jesus blessing us on his birthday.

Journey Evans: Christmas means to me… Jesus birthday celebrating with family.

Tycen Baber: Christmas means to be thet it is Jesus birthday. I love Christmas becuse I git to be whif my family. I am blessed. I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful for my dogs.

Fred McVey: Having fun with my family.

Damon Martin: I am happy at mi family bekus mi family is happy at me.

Tiffiny Cavelli: Christmas means, celebrating Jesus’s birthday being with your family, being blessed by Jesus, being thankful of your life, apprechiateing your family and haveing hope in Santa and Jesus.

lila-june-on-purpleMrs. Wagner’s Class:

Gracie: My Christmas means to gather around the Christmas tree and bring back old memories like the ornament we got after my Grampa James passed away and it seid don’t shed a tear im spending Christmas with god this year. Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Makinzee: It’s when my family comes over and we spend time together and celebrate Jesus’ birthday. We set out hot cocoa and cookies for Santa.

Owen: To gather and give to others and celebrate Jesus birthday. It’s a time where you spend time with family and friends.

Bryant: Christmas means to me to gather around with my family. And celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Tessa: It’s time to be with family and friends and celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Jordan: It’s a time to get together with our familys and celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Halee: Spending time with my family and worshiping Jesus. Plus being able to gather together.

Playna: Its a time when I get to see my family that lives far away and its a time to celebrate Jesus’s birthday.

Orion: At Christmas my whole family gets together and celebrates Jesus’ birthday and my friends come over and celebrate with us.

Colton: It’s time to give to others and spend time with family and friends.

Olivia: Christmas is about to spend time with our familys and friends and celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Finleigh: It’s a time for giving and for us to celebrate Jesus’s birthday and spend time with our famly and friends.

Cory: We celebrate Jesus birthday and drink hot cocoa.

Lilly: to see my sister’s face when she opens her gifts. It’s when my BFF comes over with Harper. It’s when Katie comes home. It’s when my family gathers together.

Madison: To spend time with my family and friends and to celebrate Jesus birthday.

David: It means love to me. People come that I have not seen in a year. We get together with family.

Addisyn: To give poor people presents and food and to gather together to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Parker: It’s a time that’s inportant to remember that Christmas is not about the things you get and to celebrate Jesus’s birthday.

Abbi: It’s a time to spend time wiith Aunts, Uncles, family, and friends. And celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Mrs. Smallwood’s Class:

lena-mcdaniel-on-redCaden: I love Christams becus I git to hav fun with my famle. On christmat. Christmas is a halladaye.

Navaeh: Christmas is my hoilyday to because it’s like my favrit Christmas cuz I want to see santa.

Jerzie: It’s about spending time with your family and to be kind. You get to open presents and look in your stockings. You get to stay in your pijamas all day! You get to catch santa! Christmas is awesome.

Kaylea: Chistmas means like all sweet and to be nice to one anther and to be very nice so that I can get presents thats what Christmas means to me.

Sebastian: Christmas means to be good, and hlpfl, and behave. Are you magick.

Mckynna: Christmas is like a toy store to me because it’s like a hoilyday to me. My favorite toy santa is a a toy that a real live pet. Christmas means to me very much thank you for giving us toys to us every year.

Adelbei: Chrismas means a lot to me I love opening presents and pecking in my presents. Christmas means alot to me.

Makenley: Christmas is not about gitting it is what giving. I want a bick and a Amaricin Girl Bols ad shopckins and games.

Billy: It means to me give not gitin. And santa I love you. Santa do yar elfs give you presents on Christmas? Santa how do you get in houses with no chimnes? Santa this yere see if thers a thank you note by cookies. Anyway Santa do you have kids? Santa I hope that you get my letter.

kylie-on-yellowCameron: It means you get presents and put up your Christmas tree and sometimes play in snow. And Christmas is a hoilyday. Merry Christmas.

Payton: Christmas means evre one in the world even texis gits prezents.

Braxton: On Christmas it is jesuses birthday and that is what Christmas is all about and Christmas is all about speending time with your family.

Derek: Love joy happynes I want a notendo ds and a halo 5 game and a halo 4 game.

Ashlyn: Christmas means a lot to me be cus you git presns. Christmas is the best day uv the yeer. I love Christmas so much.

Jasmine: I like santa’s presins and durty santa Christmas.


Mrs. Daniels’ Class:

Clay M.: To get presents and too give presents. To play with my friends and family. We put up the cristmas tree. We eat alot of food. I play all day. I’m glad for my cristmases.

Jaron: Is having a Christmas miracle and spinding time with you’re famly. Having fun and also caring. And don’t be bad and listen.

Payton Wheless: Is the joy of having family. Jesus being born. Spending time with my family. And having Brittany and Devin. I love everone. In hevin we are all kind. I love my techer Mrs. Daniels.

Hunter: Jesus being born. Giving gifts. Sing cards. Seeing family.

Caden: Getting gifts and celebrating Christmas and eating good food. Spending times with friends and famley.

Joseph: My birthday is december 26. Jesus is 25.

Briar: Singing chistmas songs. Celebrating Jesus britday. Giving toys to people. Celebrating chistmas. Being with my family. Opening presents. Playing in the snow.

Chance Hughes: Haveing fun with your familly and celebrating Jesus birthday and opening presents with your familly. And decerateing the house and hanging candy canes. P.s. have fun.

Ty: Decorating the hall because I like Christmas and family.

Katie Neugent: I like to sing songs and buy toys to kids who do not get them and spending time with my friends and play in the snow it is real fun to play in the snow and Christmas is fun.

Calee Puckett: Helping family and friend’s celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Having fun with family opening presints. Listening to people laughing, opening presetns. Have fun with teachers.

Reily: Singing Christmas carols. Celebrating Jesuses birthday. Geting gifts. Being with my family. Playing in the snow.

Taylar: Christmas means alot to me. Christmas is for celebrating Jesus’es birthday. Some people think that it is about geting presents, but it is not. I like singing chistmas carols. My dad gets a headache whin I sing jingle bells. That’s what Chrismas means to me.

Isabella: Opening presents with my famliy also celebrating Jesus birthday. I say thank you to santa for presents sum times my mom gives me hugs and kisses becuase she wants me to be happy.

Payton V.: Haveing fun in the snow decrateing the chrismas trees go on snowy hills to go sleding and frends chrismas songs haveing coco.

Andrea Wagner: Christmas means joy and love to me. A fun time is Christmas time. I love to play in the snow at my Grandma’s house, sometimes. I love that Christmas is celebrated becuse of Jesus’s birthday. Christmas is when family and frend can come together.

Cruz: Speding time with family playing in the snow celebratting Jesus’s birthday drinking hot choclate opening presents with family celebrating Christmas!! Loving each other having fun with parents having fun with siblings being nice being happy and having fun Having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Ike: Spending time with my family! I love giveing presents.

Landri: Toys friends and family tree birth of Jesus The thaking of God

Regan: What Christmas means to me. I love spending time with my family because we get to build a snowman and we get to sit by a fire and stay warm.

Eilam: Spending time with family and giving to children who don’t get presents on Christmas. P.S. I hope you’re doing this. J

Miya D.: Family and friend’s I cood give gifts and a happy new year, sing songs for chistmas year have fun whith all your friends to.

jasten-on-yellowTatelyn Wood: Catching snow flakes on my tung, spending time with my family. Singing cards. I’m thankful for a friend namd Joseph. Jesus Barthday.

Mrs. “G”s Class:

Bailey Andrews: I love to be with family. I love to decorate the Christmas tree. Jesus’ birthday. That is what Christmas means to me.

JJ Bass: We celebrate Jesus on Christmas Day. My mom and dad read the Bible. We open our presents, Christmas is fun.

Kirsten Belcher: Christmas means Jesus has a birthday. We share at Christmas time, we go to my grandparents. Our family gets together. I love Christmas. We exchange gifts. Do you celebrate Christmas? I love Christ.

Anselmo Candarlia: Spending time whith my famaliy and friends and doing my math in school like I’m supposed to do. When Santa sneaks presents under the Christmas tree I will know I have been a good boy.

Karma Christana: It’s the best time of the year. Because it’s time to spend time with your family and friends. I can drink hot cocoa and make a mustache out of it. It’s fun to play in the snow.

Camara Dill: This is what Christmas means to me… It means Jesus’ birthday. And we get together at Christmas, we have a Christmas party evrey Christmas. We are having a play of Jesus I am Mary, my little baby cousin is Jesus. I am glad to be in a family I am sorry for the children our there with no family. This is what Christmas means to me.

Josey Dollar: Christmas means to me. That we get to eat first then open are presents. We do it in order my brother goes first then I go second and my sister goes 3d then my mom then my dad!!!!! Christmas is the best holiday that I have ever had in my life!! That is what Christmas means to me!!!!

Samual Fagan: Christmas is a time for family. It is a special day. It is Jesus’ birthday! We are going to help poor people. I love Christmas it is fun. My mom and dad gives us presents. Santa gives us presents on Christmas Eve. I love Christmas.

Jaxon Hadley: What Christmas means to me is about spending time whith my family. We also celebrate Jesus’ birthday. And putting the Christmas tree up also hanging up stockings and opening presents also looking at the mistletoe.

Sarah Hopper: I think santa is a jolly good man. His elves are very helpful. Christmas is the best.

Ben Lickly: What Christmas means to me. Christmas is the time of year to go to your grandmom and granddad’s house What fun we will have in the snow. We love to build snowmen. After enjoying the snow, we go inside to warm up with hot cocoa and chocolate chops cookies, Christmas is the time of the year we celebrate Jesus’s birthday with a huge meal.

Nick Long: I spend time with my family. We put up lights on our hosue. Then we decorate our Christmas tree. I put cookies and milk on the table for santa. If it snows I can play in the cold snow, santa leaves me wonderful gifts. We also have a delicious meal.

Blake Moore: Everybody in the world is nice to me and they are really good friends to me that is what Christmas means to me. Having lots of food in the world that is what Christmas means to me.

Chloe Odom: This is Jesus’ birthday, Christmas is a fun time of the year, I feel happy and joyful. I thank God for all the food that he had given us out family puts up a Christmas tree and wrap presents, I wish it would snow on Christmas.

jarrett-gibson-on-blueTreyton Philpot: I like to help decorate the tree with my family. I have two trees in my house. The big one is in the living room. It’s so big we can’t put the star in it. We use a cowboy hat instead. My dad lifts me up to put the hat on the tree, we don’t have a ladder so I just use my dad.

Lanee Powell: What Christmas means to me is helping people at the hospital. It is Jesus’ birthday. Every Christmas Eve my Dad brings out the big white bible that my pawpa gave us. I love to hear him read about the birthday of Jesus.

Rowdi Pryor: It makes me happy and surprised. My mom, dad and I love holidays. We also spend time together during the holidays. We think that everybody should enjoy this Christmas. We love building snow angels in the snow. My mom and dad and I like ice skating we love our dad coming in for the holidays. We love Christmas.

Ace Sarabia: That my family gets together and sing Christmas songs and helping people that have a little bit of money and cant buy their own things for themselves. My family eats Christmas Eve dinner when it is Christmas Eve. Then my family is happy on Christmas Eve.

Gabe Sarabia: Celebrating Jesus’ birthday spending time with our family, making food for our family, helping people who are poor and don’t have money and food. Decerating the Christmas tree that makes everyone happy and have wonderful feast with our family. Waking up and looking under the Christmas tree and seeing how many presents you get.

Vanessa Valanti: Christmas is th time of the year we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I always enjoy visiting with my family, and playing in the snow with my friends. A visit from santa is especially good. The presents are always exciting. I love visiting with family and friends.

JT Walsh: Christmass is a day of love. It is the day we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. On Christmas we have a big feast. The trees are beautiful. I love the trees. I always get brand new stuff. We might even get snow.

CJ Warner: It is celebrating Jesus’ birthday. It is the best day of all. Thank you Jesus and thank you God.

Michael Webb: We spend time together as a family. Our family shows how much we love each other. We celebrate Jesus’ birthday by having a great meal with my whole family. Christmas is about spending happy time together.


Mrs. Calderon’s Class:

Lynzie Wilkinson: I get to spending time with my family. and open presents, and it is jesus’ birthday. and santa bring’s toys. and decorations and children and singing and lights and love and jesus.

Jade Watkins: Is that it is Jesus’s birthday. I get to sing. the Christmas decortions. the Christmas lights. haveing frinds and family over. presents.

hadlee-on-redWeston Ross: I love Christmas because presents and cake and the beautiful lighs and family and friends and I love because it is jesus birthday

Timmathy Parker: A twenty two rifle and a bike with a gun holder on it. I get presents and a four wheeler a phone looking at Christmas lights

Matthew Dau: Family, presents, Jesus’s birthday, friends, cookies, brownies, God.

Michael Howard: Is that it’s Jesus’s birthday.

Saphira McJunkins: Family and toys and decorations and friends and Jesus’s birthday and danta and food and singing and I get to see Christmas lights.

Auden Arthur: It’s great and that you get to spend time with your family and friends and santa goes around the world to bring presents to all the good little children and it’s jesus’s birthday and I eat ham, turkey, and donuts that’s what Christmas means to me.

Jayden Broach: Open presents and my family. Santa food and decorations. Spending time with friends.

Mrs. Sellers’ Class:

Falken: Sant Clows, people spend time to togeth adn to get presats. You go to yrye fimy houses. The end.

Natalie Bailey: Christmas means to me. because we get presents. and because we get to open presents on Christmas. Santa clas puts stuff in our stocking ans under our Christmas tree.

Tayden A. Broach: Christmas means to me family, Jesus’s birthday, santa, presents, snow, Elfy, Christmas tree, and stockings.

Thomas Chesser: Christmas means to me snow forts to play in, eating cookies, family, eating hot soup, God and fihgting with snow balls.

Flint Dickerson: Christmas means to me presents putting the Christmas tree up, putting ordmis up and, the Christmas lights up, and being happyy.

Jamey Johnson: That santa, Jesus, Mary, family, snow, and fun. It also means, presents, light’s, hoy and happyness. I love Christmas.

eleanora-on-purpleRylee Manning:  Christmas means to me family, God, suprises, presents, and going to school.

Dakota: Christmas means to me about santa gives us prisit every Christmas.

Wyott Ross: I like chrismas chrismas is the best chrismas is coming up.

Abbie Penney: Christmas means to me happy excited and putting the Christmas tree up and dekrading the tree and new teachers and family and f.


Miss McCleskey’s Class:

Callie Miranda: On Jesus birthday it means to me. Because Jesus passted away thats what Christmas means to me.

Kaydince Gray: To me Christmas means spending time with me Mom and Dad and my brother’s. Also remembering the bith of Jesus. Putting our Christmas tree up. Also decorating it so much fun. Giting toys from Santa. Even when I’m playing in the snow. When I look in my stocking its fooled with candy and toys. Santa is the best. We give him cookies and milk. Christmas is the best month. The End

Jayro Campuzano: To me Christmas means a celebrathing a special month. Because we are celebrathing Jesus Birth. December is so fun Because put up our Christmas and Santa comes to out House bring presents to us and them we wake up I got a toy it was legos and I was to happy! That was my faverit in the whole world and went outside and guess what it was snowing! We thew snowballs and then we built a snowman with our parent. It eas so much fun that I was about to die. And then we went inside my mom was cooking hot coclet it was so delishes and I just kept telling my mom but my mom said that it was omost finishing so I did not ask her again. The End

Braden Smith: To me Christmas meas celebrat the birth of Jesus. Also being with my family. We also open presents. And being with friends.

Yesenia Vasquez-Antunez: To me, we make a snowman but this is about My family. It’s fun to make a snowman. My family likes doing it, so I like them. It was fun when its snowing My dad puts on the chimney is so warm in the house and do hot choclate it is good. I love Christmas! The End

Sam Irons: Christmas is Jesus’ birthday I love Christmas because it is Jesus’ birthday.!

Allison Medina: I love Christmas. Because Christmas is coming this year. I love snow and I love ice on my house.

Thomas Stover: What does Christmas means to you? It was the first time Jesus saw the Earth. I go to Christmas church. I get lots of gifts.

Axel Moreno: Christmas means to me celebrating the birth of Jesus. Also celebrating the birth of blue Jays, all the animals, and celebrating my family.

brynleigh-on-greenRynley Richardson: Present. Jesus. Snow time. Spending time with my family. Being happy. My family being happy. God. Watching Christmas movies. Celebrating Christmas.

Citlally Ruiz:  What Christmas means to me Christmas means to be with my family. To play in the snow with my sister, my brothr, and baby sister.

Jareli Herrera: Christmas means to me and my cousin and my family. This is special to me and my family and my cousin My family loves Christmas and me too. We love the holiday.

Valeria Munoz: To me Christmas means spending time with my family and friends.

Christian Casey: Christmas is the special of the year. Together and I open the presente together want to play want

Kaden Whitmire: Christmas means to me celebrating Jesus’. Also opening presents. to.

Mrs. Avila’s Class:

Alan Munoz: It’s a family holiday. It is a holiday kindness. It’s the best time of the year. We take pictures with the tree. My family and me eat cookies and milk. It’s the holiday to share peace and love with others.

Jose Arvizy: I like when snowflakes fall. My brother and I like to open the gifts. Dinner with the family reunited. I am delighted with the gifts that santa claus bring. I like Christmas.

Oscar: Santa claus brings me presents. We get to decorate Christmas trees. We go places. I get to spend time with my family. I give santa claus cookies.

Promise Knight: This is what I think about Christmas. I think Christmas is a time where you get together with your family and have a grate time. This is also what I think about Christmas. I think on December 25th I think you are suppost to lay back and praise the Lord. Also have fun. That’s what I think about Christmas. The End.

Lexi McCarley: Hello, my name is Lexi. I love Christmas. The reason I love Christmas is becase of all the presents and all the Jolly. Christmas to me is just love. I just love when my family gets together. Christmas is my favorite time of year. Merry Christmas!

Alix Zanber: I beleive in Santa Clause. I want a dirt bake, sanke clause gives us presents. santa clause is nice.

Alexander Agvilar: Christmas is so cook. People get presents from Santa. Christmas is my favorite holday. Santa comes to give us presents. I love Christmas because we have presents and food.

Kinnah Ferguson: I get together with my family and my cousins. My family gets me toys. I kill deer. I eat with my family. I love eating with my cousins.

Isai Esquvil: My family comes. They bring me toys. I play with my cousins. I believe in Santa. December brings Christmas and snow.

Nicole Martinez: I believe in Santa Claus. My family comes to my house. Some time it snows. My mom buys me presents. Christmas is my favorite time of time year.

aubree-on-blueTylynn Robb: People get presents. I believe in Santa Clause. At Christmas my cousins come to my house. At Christmas we celebrate. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Lexie Miles: The first thing Christmas means is it’s Jesus Birthday. It also means we get to be with all our family. I get to play with all of my cousins. Santa comes and brings us lots of presents. I believe in Santa Clause because he always come and brings me presents every year.

Luke Helms: I like Christmas because you get presents and you get to decorate a tree. Santa claus has elfs that help him. The friends that he has is bunny and Jack Frost and the tooth fariy a sandy and not pich black. My mom comes to my Christmas party. On my little friends birthday it is on December and he gets Star War and that is troodin.

Jocelyn Roldan: Bring with the family. Getting presents. I love the snow. I love the food. I love the lights.

Ms. Duggan’s Class:

Claira Morris: To my fammily, Christmas is what people say is not true – Jesus’ birthday! He gives his presents to us because he has everything he wants. On Christmas this year, we put two trees in the living room. One is a fammily tree, and it is real. We play in the snow and sled with the four wheeler in the field. We make Christmas cookies.

Marvin Brito: Christmas means we spend time with our famly, open gifts, and eat cookies with milk. It means to me that me and my famly drink hot coco. We get toys by opening gifts from our mom and dad.

Adileni Herrera: Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’ birthday. My family drinks coco at Christmas. I injoy playing snowballs.

Gracie Linker: Chrismtas mwans being with all of my family. I love and opening presents. I enjoy eating turkey and drinking hot cocoa. The fun time is going outside and playing in the snow.

Noah Saxour: Christmas means to me that God was born on Christmas Day. The only to twins in the famly were born on Christmas, and thire names are Lillie and Blake. Christmas means to me that I get to spend time whith my famly. We all love our famly.

Jonas Hernandez: Christmas means to me about opening presents and puting up te Christmas tree. Celebrateing with my family is importany to me. Me and my family love drinking hot coco.

Kaleb Olade: Christmas means relaxing with my family, opening presents, and wrapping them. We enjoy drinking hot coco and celebreting Jesus’ birthday with my mom and dad’s family. We give presents to people.

Nevaeh Watson: Christmas is a fun time of the year. My family drinks hot chocolate and spend time with each other. We decorrat the house and celebrate Baby Jesus’ birthday. I like to play in the snow with my dog and sister.

Brent James: Christmas means to me having fun and celebrating the holiday. My famly plays in the snow and opens presents. I like putting up the tree.

Gregory Delgado: Christmas means to me celebrating with my family. I love to open my gift with my brother. I love to play snowball fight with my brother and sistes.

Joey Propes: Christmas is about spending time with my family. We sing Christmas songs, make cookies, and decorate the tree. I like making snowmen, drinking, hot coco, and watching Rudolph the red nosed rain deer. I love opening presents.


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