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Wheel A’ Mena Cycles To The Top

The Wheel A’ Mena Tour To The Top gets going this Saturday in Mena, across the top of Rich Mountain to Queen Wilhelmina State Park and beyond. The ride is seen as a tune up event each year to the Big Dam Bridge 100 mile race in Little Rock and will challenge riders with their choices of 30, 50 and 70 mile routes through the Ouachita Mountains and on the Talimena Scenic Drive.

While the ride can be difficult, 2,681 feet to the top of Rich Mountain and 10% steep grades over some of the route, participants will be afforded beautiful views of the mountains and valleys below. To alleviate some of their fatigue riders will have the opportunities to stop and rest at pre-determined stops where they can also fuel up on food to build energy for the climbs. Those of us who will drive on 4 wheels are asked to be watchful for the bicyclist on the tour as they will travel on our roads during the event. The Wheel A’ Mena Tour To The Top is organized by the Rotary Club of Polk County/Mena.


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