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Wickes Elementary Spelling Bee Results

1st Grade: 1st Place – Jaylie Brantley; 2nd Place – Shayla Quintana; 3rd Place – Melenie Flores

2nd Grade: 1st Place – Joey Propes; 2nd Place – Kaleb Olalde; 3rd Place – Marvin Brito

3rd Grade: 1st Place – Garrett Hennings; 2nd Place – Aspen Johnson; 3rd Place – Thomas Goethals

4th Grade: 1st Place – Sabera Land; 2nd Place – Cooper Hayes; 3rd Place – Joyce Antunez

5th Grade: 1st Place – Mallory Farringer; 2nd Place – Nathalia Trinidad; 3rd Place – Emanuel Trinidad

6th Grade: 1st Place – Emily Ugarte; 2nd Place – Breonna Cecil; 3rd Place – Lucas Trinidad

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