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Willy Wonka Opening Night Party Fundraiser


“The Ouachita Little Theatre Guild is inviting everyone to come to an opening night fund raising party. It begins at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, April 25, at American Artisans. There will be chocolate, hors d’ouvres, coffee, and punch.” said Dorothy Stevens.

The OLT is celebrating the amazing musical Rudi Timmerman has put together along with the amazing new back porch enclosure headed by Scotty Jenkins.

These are two examples of how the OLT can stretch a dime. The show will amaze you with the colorful sets and intricate mechanical devices. The back porch will amaze you with two new bathrooms, a new paint storage and clean up area, a scene shop and a green room where the cast can now sit comfortably enclosed from the elements. “The original projection for the back porch project as well as a storage building was around $25,000.00. We did the labor ourselves on the back porch and plan to build the storage building also. We are hoping we can complete both projects for under $12,000.00.” Said Scotty Jenkins.

The guild headed by Karen Mosier would like to see further renovation projects. “They would like our building to more closely resemble what one might expect from a community theatre that has been twice awarded the title Best Theatre in Arkansas by the American Association of Community Theatres.” said Board President Tim Hesse. “These are a few projects that have been suggested. We would like remodel the bathrooms to be more user friendly as well as handy capped accessible. A much needed rehearsal space and dance studio was started upstairs two years ago. Any such use of the upstairs will require two fire escapes. Remodeling the lobby to more closely resemble an elegant vintage theatre has long been desired but never seen as urgent along with the front of the building getting a much needed face lift to also create a more vintage look including a neon marquee reading The Lyric.”

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