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Winners: Young Artists Competition


From the looks of the 2017 Young Artists Competition exhibit at Mena Art Gallery, the future of Art here is in very good shape. You will have an opportunity to see what tomorrow’s artists already can do from now through April 29. Come by the gallery at 607 Mena Street during regular gallery hours: 11 am to 2 pm on Tuesdays, 10 am to 3 pm Wednesdays through Saturdays.

This year’s competition featured more than 300 entries from students in and outside of the county. The winners in each category, their location of residence, and the titles of their work are listed below:

Category #1 – Ages 5 – 8

Best of Show – Jimena Luna, DeQueen – “Red Feather”


1st – David McWhorter, Horatio – “Cat”

2nd – Wyatt Gunn, Vandervoort – “Art Supplies”

3rd – Yesenia, Wickes – “Pretty Lady”

Honorable Mention – Camila Figueroa, DeQueen –            “Feathers in the Wind”


1st -Rylee Warren, Caddo Hills – “Picasso Style Face”

2nd – Mason Pinkerton, Caddo Hills – “VanGogh’s Starry Night”

3rd – Stella Smith, Holly Harshman – “N/A”

Honorable Mention – Lori Shirley, Caddo Hill – “VanGogh’s Sunflowers”


1st – Braxton Marshall, Horatio – “Feather”

2nd – Eunice, Wickes – “A Touch of Green”

3rd – L. J. Blackmon, Wickes – “My Bowl”

Honorable Mention – Violeta, Wickes – “The Blues Have It”

Category #2 – Ages 9 – 13

Best of Show – Mia Goforth, Mena – “The Frozen Stare”


1st – Cooper Hayes, Wickes – “At Bat”

2nd – Dusty Davis, Mena – “Little Darlin”

3rd – Sasha Richardson, Cossatot River – “Daydream”

Honorable Mention – Kyla Ferguson, Wickes – “Tree-ly”


1st – Hailey Emerson, Holly Harshman – “Mrs. Self”

2nd – Charity Beyer, Holly Harshman – “Party in the House”

3rd – Frank W. Booher, H.E.D.G.E. -“Antique Monster”

Honorable Mention – Raegan Gates, Holly Harshman – “Georgia O’Keeffe”


1st – Josi Hall, DeQueen – “Rock Gator”

2nd – Marlen Perez, DeQueen – “Happy Armadillo”

3rd – Jenna Anderton, Home School – “South African Garden”

Honorable Mention – Kayla Cary, DeQueen – “Quilled Owl”

Category #3 – Ages 14 – 18


Best of Show – Amy Parkhurst, Waldron – “Evan’s Friend”


1st – Archer Pearce, Mena – “Kepler”

2nd – Danielle Underwood, Waldron – “Bird”

3rd – Tani Gipson, Waldron – “It’s A Tiger”

Honorable Mention – Kelli Adamson, Waldron – “Horse”


1st – Esteban Sierra, Waldron – “Lighthouse”

2nd – Michael Carson, Mena – “Trees”

3rd – Dennis Kirsch, Mena – “Flowery Hills”

Honorable Mention – Carol Locke, Waldron – “The Man in the Mirror”


1st – Cameron Mooneyham, Horatio – “Bullrider”

2nd – Steven, Walnut Grove – “W/H Candlesticks”

3rd – Reacheal Hicks-Dixon, Cossatot River – “Exposed”

Honorable Mention – Luis Luna, DeQueen – “Flying Gator”

The McDonald’s Award was given to Jerzie Exley, Louise Durham, for “Water Friends.”

The Lucy Mulcahy Award was given to Sasha Richardson, Cossaot River, for “Daydream.”

Organizers of the event said, “We would also like to say a very special thank you to our judges, Jim and Jane Brace, artists both. It was no easy job to pick out the best from well over 300 entries.”

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