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Woods and Pena Earn Gold at Senior Olympics


Two local men swept their events for the second year in a row at the Senior Olympics held recently in Hot Springs. Larry Wood entered three power-lifting events: Bench Press, Leg Press, and Strict Barbell Curl. Wood Bench pressed 435 pounds on a pause bench; 1,050 pounds on the leg press; and 185 pounds on the Strict Barbell Curl to capture the gold medal in each event and claim the Overall Male Champion Lifter trophy.

Richard Pena, also entered three events: the 50-meter dash, 100-meter dash, and the 200-meter dash. Pena ran the 50-meter dash in 7 seconds; the 100-meter dash in 15.15 seconds; and the 200-meter dash in 31 seconds, claiming gold medals for each event.

Both Wood and Pena swept those same events in last year’s Senior Olympics as well.

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