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Frank & Nina Moore – Citizens Serving Community


Frank Moore, a Polk County native, met his wife, Nina, in 1981 in Dallas, Nina’s hometown, and they were married a year later.  After 32 years of marriage, Nina shares her key to success with a smile on her face, “I have learned to keep my mouth shut and just scream on the inside.”  While Frank simply said, “there is no master of the home.  It’s a 50/50 give and take.”

The Moores had twin boys, Steven and Jason, in 1990 and quickly decided the big city is not a place to raise a family.  “I worked for the city of Dallas for 10 years and I saw too much bad,” said Frank.  “It is just easier to instill good values on them living here,” added Nina.  “Dallas has too many influences and it is too easy to lose them.  Here we were able to be in every part of their lives.  We knew all their friends and they knew us,” explained Frank.  “Which is not like I had it growing up in Dallas,” said Nina.  “But I remembered what it was like growing up here, and how it is to know everybody.  Moving back here was the best thing we ever did for our family,” added Frank.

After moving back to Polk County, Frank went on the road driving a truck, working for CC Transportation for four years before buying his own truck.  In 2007, after missing too much time at home with his family, Frank became an agent and broker and started Moore Transportation.  Ever the entrepreneur, Frank then saw a need for a diesel repair shop and developed 71 Diesel, in 2011. “Nina will tell you, I get bored when there is no risk and have to take another,” said Frank with a laugh.

In 1994, after spending a year at home with her boys, Nina started her career with The Union Bank.  “I started in bookkeeping and then moved to new accounts.  I am the Vice-President of Retail Banking and a Security Officer.  I still work with new accounts and the tellers and I do physical security of the bank.  I love working with people and I love my customers.  Union Bank is a great place to work.  With the board of directors made up of people who are from here, they really care about their employees,” explained Nina.

The Moores are also dedicated to helping people in their community.  “We are not suckers for charity, we are suckers for a good cause, whether it be breast cancer or the veterans,” said Frank.  When Dean Boyd approached the Moore’s to help him feed the National Guard Unit in Malvern, they jumped on the opportunity and had a great time.  “We had a ball serving those guys, it was so fun and rewarding to see them smiling and loving it.  It was so fun,” explained Frank.  “Dean then came to us and asked if we wanted to help serve a lunch for the local Veterans together, with them and Hampton Aviation,” said Nina.  “This community is so supportive, everywhere we went to ask local businesses for donations, they said ‘sure.’  The meal was open to veterans and their families, as well as, widows of the veterans, anyone who wanted to eat.  We hope to make it an annual thing,” added Frank.  Additionally, Nina served on the school board for Ouachita River for nine years and on the board for the Chamber of Commerce for six years.  She is also a graduate of the first class of Leadership Polk County.

This year, the Moores took on a new venture by bringing a foreign exchange student into their empty nest.  Goulwena Meziere, from France, has been a gift from God to the Moore family.  “It’s like she was chosen for us.  Just after she moved in with us, my mother, whom I was very close to, passed away.  Goulwena has given me a purpose and she stayed by my side through the entire thing.  I’ve never had a girl in my house. I’m the “Queen Bee.” I’ve never even had a female pet but she has just been so perfect for us,” explained Nina.  “We liked our empty nest until she came into our lives.  She just fit in immediately,” added Frank.

“We are just average people, we like to do what’s right which is why we moved back here, to live a life where we don’t have to keep up with the Jones’,” said Frank. “We really have a heart for children and the elderly,” added Nina.  “In a nutshell, we love our life.  What ever happens is ok as long as we have clothes on our back and a roof over our head,” said Frank.

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