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The Ouachita Quilt Show Committee thanks everyone who participated in making this year’s quilt show a big success.  We are pleased to announce the winners in the following categories: 

Donation Quilt Winner:  Joyce Butler, Mena, Arkansas

Best of Show:  Diane Lewis, “Scrappy Four Patch and Applique”

People’s Choice:  Anne Dahm, “Japanese Fan”

VIP Awards:

            A & P Commission:  Ann Garrett, “Old Thyme Chain and Star”

Art Gallery:  Wyona Abbott, “Pinwheel”

Chamber of Commerce:  Sharon Chambers, “Ohio Star”

            Chief of Police:  Betty McClain, “I Love Green”

            City Clerk:  Linda Lee Ray, “A Trip through My Garden”

            County Judge:  Linda Craig, “WWII Hand Embroidered Soldiers’ Names”

            County Sheriff:  Rebecca Romine, “Cobblestone”

            County Clerk:  Anne Dahm, “Japanese Fan”

            KENA Radio:  Jane Pate, “Scrape Tease”

Mayor of Cove:  Jane Pate, “Ladies Favorite”

Mayor of Mena:  Carole Timberlake, “Forever Friends”

            Mena Star:  Louise Oats, “Row Quilt”

Mena Superintendent of Schools:  Angela Murphy, “Safari Memories”

Prosecuting Attorney:  Linda Bento, “Black and White”

            Rich Mountain Community College:  Sharon Chambers, “Flower Garden”

The Pulse:  Sharon Chambers, “Bloom”

            Trading Post:  Sue Patrick, “Grandmother’s Flower Bed”

Other Awards:

            1st Judge of Show:  Louise Oats, “Butterflies”

            2nd Judge of Show:  Susan Carter, “A Girl and her Kitties”

            Nimble Thimble Quilt Guild:  Linda MacMillan, “Golden Waves”

            Show Committee:  Wyona Abbott, “Radiant Star”

            Vendor”s Choice:  Betty McClain, “Blue Birds”

Quilt Category Winners:

            Hand Pieced/Hand Quilted:  1st Place:  Rebecca Romine, “Cobblestone”

            Machine Pieced/Hand Quilted:  1st Place:  Anne Dahm, “Japanese Fan”; 2nd Place:  Rose McLain, “String Quilt”;  3rd Place:  Buna Loggains, “Parisian Star

            Machine Pieced/Machine Quilted:  1st Place:  Diane Lewis, “1860’s Sampler”;  2nd Place:  Louise Oats, “Row Quilt”;  3rd Place:  Linda Lee Ray, “A Trip through My Garden”

            Combined Techniques/Hand Quilted:  2nd Place:  Sharon Chambers, “Folk Art”

            Combined Techniques/Machine Quilted:  1st Place:  Diane Lewis, “Scrappy 4-Patch and Applique”;  2nd Place:  Betty McClain, “I Love Green”;  3rd Place:  Betty McClain, “Blue Birds”

            Hand Applique/Hand Quilted:  2nd Place:  Sharon Chambers, “Bloom”

            Hand Applique/Machine Quilted:  1st Place:  Sharon Chambers, “Flower Garden”

            Wall Hanging/Hand Quilted:  1st Place:  Louise Oats, “Lone Star”;  2nd Place:  Carole Timberlake, “Tick, Tack, Toe”

            Wall Hanging/Machine Quilted:  1st Place:  Angela Murphy, “Safari Memories”;  2nd Place:  Nancy Philpot, “Quilts Make a Home”;  3rd Place:  Linda MacMillan, “Oriental Window”

            Lap Quilt/Machine Quilted:  1st Place:  Nancy Philpot, “Snail’s Trail”;  2nd Place:  Ann Garrett, “Twister Pinwheels”

            Miniature:  1st Place:  Louise Oats, “Butterflies”;  2nd Place:  Louise Oats, “Double Wedding Ring”;  3rd Place:  Louise Oats, “From this Day Forward”

            Baby Quilt:  2nd Place:  Carole Timberlake, “Wyatt Reunion Autograph Quilt”;  3rd Place:  Jai Stanford,  “Hearts”

            Original Design:  1st Place:  Kathy Stucker, “Venus and Mars”;  2nd Place:  Kathy Stucker, “Polkadot Tree”;  3rd Place:  Kathy Stucker:  “Our Pets”

            Group Quilt:  1st Place:  4-H, “Big Blocks”

            Embroidery Quilt:  1st Place:  Susan Carter, “A Girl and her Kitties”;  2nd Place:  Willow Saige Craig,  “Willow and Friends”

            Home Décor:  1st Place:  Alice Skumutz, “Tulip Bouquet”;  2nd Place:  Alice Skumutz, “Table Scraps”;  3rd Place:  Alice Skumutz, “Patriotic Star”

            Junior (age 18 and under):  1st Place:  Caroline Ezell, “Scrap Crazy Quilt”



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