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Acorn Junior Girls Crowned District Champs; Boys Earn Runner-Up


Acorn junior girls took top place and the junior boys took runner-up when they hosted the Class 1 A Region 7 District Junior Track meet on Thursday, April 20.

Acorn Junior Girls were crowned District Champions with 215 points after a hard fought competition. Mineral Springs came in second as a team with 200 points, and Mount Ida came in third with 82 points.

Earning points for Acorn’s win were: Allie Strothers, Ashlynn Bissell, and Harlee Rodgers who took 5th, 6th, and 8th, respectively in the high jump. In girls long jump, Reaghan Weddle took 3rd, while Alyssa Warren came in 6th. Acorn took 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place in the girls triple jump with Corryn Holland, Reaghan Weddles, Hallie Holland, and Ashlyn Bissell.

Sunshine Butterfield took 1st place in the shot put. Autumn Strother took 4th and Kaylee Tedder took 5th in the event. Butterfield also took 1st in the discus with Holland and Strother coming in 2nd and 3rd.

The girls 4×800 meter relay team took top honors with Ariana Andrews, Emily Blair, Jada Elder, and Sarah Wallace each running a leg. The 4×100 meter relay team took 2nd place with Sunshine Butterfield leading off, followed by Corryn Holland, Hallie Holland, and Alli Strothers. In the 4×400 meter relay, Acorn took 1st with Ashlynn Bissell, Alyssa Warren, Reaghan Weddle, and Corryn Holland.

In the girls 100 meter hurdles, Hallie Holland placed 3rd, Corryn Holland placed 5th, and Alyssa Warren took 6th. Allie Strothers took 5th in the 100 meter dash and Sunshine Butterfield took 8th.

Acorn’s runners took the top four spots in the 1600 meter run with Ashlynn Bissell taking first, followed by Emily Blair, Faith Brandon, and Makenna Goss. The 400 meter dash had Kaylee Tedder take 6th, Emmy Goss took 7th, and Arian Andrews took 8th. In 300 meter hurdles, Reaghan Weddle took 2nd, Hallie Holland 3rd, Corryn Holland 5th, Abby Nance 6th.

In the 800 meter run, Ashlynn Bissell placed 1st, Alyssa Warren 2nd, and Kiersten Larucci 3rd. Hallie Holland took 3rd in the 200 meter dash, Alli Strothers took 5th, and Madison Ellis took 8th.

Acorn Junior Boys were District Runner-Up with 109 points, falling behind Mineral Springs with 288.5 points. Mount Ida pulled in 3rd as a team with 69 points.

In boys high jump, Jack Young tied for 3rd place and Jacob Moore took 5th. T.J. Bissell took 6th in the boys long jump. In triple jump, Brady Lyle took 5th place with T.J. Bissell and Tristan Richey coming in 6th and 7th. Ethan Mayo took 5th in shot put.

Acorn’s 4×800 meter relay team took 2nd place with Adam Hughes leading off, followed by Brady Lyle, Jacob Moore, and Justice Neufield. Acorn also took 2nd in the 4×100 relay with T.J. Bissell, Tristan Richey, Tristen Green, and Major White. In the 4×400 meter relay race, Acorn took 2nd as well with T.J. Bissell, Jacob Cottman, Jacob Moore, and Major White.

In 110 meter hurdles, Jacob Moore took 5th, Tristan Green 6th, and Jack Young 8th. Caleb Bowers placed 8th in the 100 meter dash. Justice Neufield took 1st place in the 1600 meter run and Adam Hughes took 2nd. In the 800 meter run, Brady Lyle placed 3rd, Justice Neufield took 4th, and Adam Hughes 5th.

Nathan Cottman took 4th in the 400 meter dash and Jacob Cottman took 6th. Tristen Green and Jacob Moore took 4th and 5th in the 300 meter hurdles. In the 200 meter dash, Braxton Kyle placed 8th.

The district meet ended the Junior Tigers’ track season for 2017. Coach Keith Wilsey looks forward to the talent he has to work with in future seasons.

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