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Acorn Trio Brings Home the Bling


Over the Spring Break holiday, a trio of Acorn students were doing anything but vacationing. For these three, they were digging deep on a diamond made of grass and dirt to bring home a big win for their teams, wins that included shiny rings in the end.

Noah Holland, Kensey Rosson, and Braylan Bohlman are all part of separate traveling baseball and softball teams, and Acorn Baseball Coach Scott Bohlman says they make Acorn’s future look bright.

Rosson plays on a traveling team called Tulsa Elite, a ten and under softball team, Bohlman on the Arkansas Crushers, a 12 and up baseball team, and Holland on the Riverdawgs, an 11 and up baseball team. Each team in separate tournaments, in separate cities, must have placed first or second to receive the coveted titles and rings. And they did. Pictured are the hardcore players and their bling following their wins.

Pictured: (left to right) Noah Holland, Kensey Rosson, and Braylan Bohlman.

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