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America and War…


Throughout history, from the moment greed gleamed in the first pair of eyes, we have been subject to the demon of war. You can’t turn on the news at night and not be assaulted by violence and devastation somewhere on our planet. War – it’s the enduring, degenerative sport of mankind. Anyone can play – but the ones without conscience play it best. It’s as virulent as a contagious disease, and as destructive as the avarice, hatred, and revenge that conceive it. But today war has become insidious and confused, and the few rules that have existed through the years, have either deteriorated or morphed. The conventions of warfare have been mitigated to satisfy the politically correct – and this has played into the hands of rising legions of ideological fanatics.

Today our society is such a contradiction – we have distain for murderers, yet such a love of life, we refuse to execute these conscienceless villains that prey on our children and our families. Yet we still send our sons and daughters to death in some godforsaken place of sun, sand, and heathens, in a war we know in our hearts can’t be won. It’s not just the living who are killed in war. Knowledge is destroyed, faith is mitigated, civilizations are stunted and decimated, history is lost, and belief in God suffers. Still we continue this most popular sport, in an effort to make the laws of God and Nature take sides with one party.

Now, before I begin to sound like a conscientious objector, let me add that there are times when there is no other alternative but war. Ask those who stood with Winston Churchill on the white cliffs of Dover and watched the German war machine invade their land. Ask the American Indian, who watched his land stolen and his hunting grounds decimated by the onslaught of “manifest destiny,” or those Americans who picked up a paper on Dec. 7,1941 to read about the infamy at Pearl Harbor. Avoid war as long as you can, but when you make the choice, you must dismiss all political correctness and consider only survival and victory – and therein lies the flaw of this newly shaped nation.

In America we seem to have forgotten what our enemies still understand: If you must war, don’t pretend, don’t deliberate about decorum or propriety, do it to win. Like George Patton said, “The object of war is not to die for your country, but make the other bastard die for his.” This new form of politically correct warfare that the US has entertained in Afghanistan for the last few years has cost us thousands of lives and accomplished nothing – other than making a handful of crooked leaders obscenely wealthy. And with countries like Iran and North Korea we simply postpone conflict to their advantage. All of this will come back to haunt us.

Within the interior of this fading nation our enemies have tangled us in a web of political correctness, litigation, and ultra modern conscience. Harsh punishment is an antiquated affair, and death sentences are a joke, requiring decades to convene, if at all. Even any form of disaster prevention, or intelligence gathering from captured terrorists (such as water-boarding), is considered hideous. Our nation’s new, unspoken logic is, “better that our cities die in mushroom clouds than our enemies be treated to any form of discomfort.”

Understanding, fulfillment, and cooperation are the new gods of this society. No one is actually bad, they’re just confused, and everyone should be permitted to complain within a scope that satisfies them. It sounds wonderful – if you’re dealing with normal, logical people, but we’re not. The maniacs within the walls are clearly growing as numerous as those on the outside, and still we feed their hunger as legions of perverted attorneys and starry-eyed, politically correct Pollyannas combat justice rather than serve it. Until we can resolve this, and come to terms with both our conscience and our survival, let us continue the good fight, not because we hate the enemy around us, but because we cherish America.

The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the ownership and staff of The Polk County Pulse. Michael Reisig is a freelance writer and published author whose works are reproduced throughout the globe.


  1. Excellent commentary.

  2. “intelligence gathering from captured terrorists (such as water-boarding)”? When our enemies in one of those just wars Reisig cites used water-boarding against our people, we called it torture and put them on trial for it. What has changed?

    Are our bad guys so much worse than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan? Have we decided that our wars are so much scarier that we’re justified becoming like those we’ve fought against?

    I think Mr. Reisig is confused, and afraid that we are losing some kind of assurance that our America will never change. I can’t say as much for some of those he influences.

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