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ARCO & City of Mena Unveil New Banners for Downtown


One of the most stunning additions to Mena Street during the streetscape project was the addition of the lampposts. During last week’s ARCO meeting, the City unveiled the new dressings that will adorn the posts and add a splash of color while promoting attributes of the community.

The new banners were designed by Sign FX and are expected to be installed by May 30th.

This project is just another step forward in ARCO’s efforts to work with the City and the community in bringing a downtown revitalization to Mena Street, which also serves as a gateway to the Talimena National Scenic Byway. The banners are being funded by the City of Mena.

“We appreciate the City recognizing this need and stepping up to continue to add to the downtown improvements. As we’ve studied other communities successful in downtown projects, we know it is not one single act or one single organization but it is multiple projects and collaborative efforts that generate results so ARCO genuinely appreciates all of the efforts being made that bring great promise to Mena’s downtown,” said ARCO Chair Gar Eisele.


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