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Black Lives Matter Holds Protest in Mena

Crowds gathered in Janssen Park this last Sunday in support of the anti-racist group known as ‘Black Lives Matter’. As the mass of over 100 people settled in, several local speakers shared their stories or stories of their loved ones. They spoke about past experiences and about future hopes for our small town of Mena and for Polk County as a whole. The messages where powerful and uplifting as the peaceful protest proceeded into a march around Janssen Park.

After a few laps around the park, the crowd headed to the Polk County Court House where they sat in silence on the court house lawn for 8 min and 46 seconds, to respect and honor George Floyd and others who have passed away.


  1. Correction!!! It was NOT the Black Lives Matter group.
    It was a LOCAL group known as POLK CO. Activists for Positive Change!
    In addition to the protest, they donated lunch to the local police department!
    They’re an incredible group of people working very hard on what they’ve
    Accomplished so far.

  2. The 6/10 edition of the Pulse is very disappointing. it seems as though no one bothered to fact check the Peace Walk Event that took place.
    The Black Lives Matter group was not part of the gathering. It was a peaceful gathering and walk to help the citizenss of Polk County end racism; an anti-racism rally, ornganised by Polk County Activist for a Positive Change for Polk County people.
    Yes, there was the tribute to the that have l9st lives to racism, including G Floyd.

    Thanks for your time and look forward to seeing the real story printed.

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