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Bonner Among State’s “New Influentials”


Entrepreneur, buyer, designer and model, Laci Bonner, has been recognized by a state-wide publication for being among the state’s “top 20 in their 20’s” and considered the state’s “New Influentials.” The list, just published online by Arkansas Business, is similar to the “40 Under 40” feature but according to Editor-In-Chief, Gwen Moritz, “We’ve long recognized that the younger nominees for 40 Under 40 rarely make the final cut because they are mixed in with a much larger crowd of people who have had an extra decade in which to make their marks. I expect that some of these names and faces will be household names for Arkansas Business readers 20 or 30 years from now. We’re proud to introduce these 20 New Influentials and to consider all the potential they offer our state in the decades to come.”

Bonner, age 26, is a Mena native and is the daughter of Rick and Kelly Bonner. She opened The Rage in 2010 in downtown Mena and didn’t depend on the storefront by itself but rather launched an aggressive social media and online presence that she credits to the store’s overwhelming success. She connected with a unique style and had the ability to market what was a brand new concept with online boutiques that catapulted her to phenomenal retail success. Bonner, who has now moved on to Nashville, Tenn., launched a second store, The Revv, that she says is closer to her own personal style that she describes as “neutral, polished grunge.” Bonner’s family explained to The Pulse that her ultimate goal is have a franchise opportunity between one or both stores.





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