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Davis Brothers – Their Family Serving Your Family Since 1982


Rick and George Davis are brothers who began working together in 1982 with the video store, Rick’s Prime Time, and have continued to do so ever since.  “I have never seen two people that work together better than Rick and George,” said Adrianna Davis, George’s wife.

The brothers are both graduates of Mena High School and hail from a family of inventive and creative business owners.  Their parents, George and Rosie Davis, are known nationally for their invention of tick necklaces back in the 1970’s.  They created and sold these necklaces as a fundraiser for a church youth trip and were featured on the national show, Real People, in 1980.  Rick laughs and explains that he and George served as the tick pickers, as it was their job to harvest the ticks.

Rick met his wife, Kim, at Mena High School when Kim’s family moved to Mena.  They married in 1988 after Kim graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Marketing.  They have five children: Ricky who is married to Lauren Maye Davis, Hayley who is married to Jeff Sadler, Makenzie who is married to Ty Harris, Brady who graduated in 2015 from Mena High School, and Taylor who is currently in the fourth grade at Holly Harshman Elementary.

George met his wife, Adrianna, while they were attending Brigham Young University in Utah.  “It was love at first sight,” joked George, and Adrianna agreed.  They married in 1994 after Adrianna completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  Together they have four sons: Georgie, who is on a two-year mission for the Mormon Church in Wisconsin, Daniel who is a 9th grader at Mena High School, William who is a sixth grader at Mena Middle School, and Richie who is in Kindergarten at Louise Durham Elementary.

Rick and George expanded their video selling business to include pizza with Really Great Pizza in 1992 and in 1998 when the video market began to decline because of the internet and satellite television, the brothers decided to join the business rather than compete.  They began selling Direct TV because they offered the NFL ticket and then expanded to include Dish Network and eventually they began offering Exceed High Speed Internet.  In 2008, they saw a need for a good used car dealership in Mena and chose to fill that niche and started selling cars.  They now have two car lots, one at their satellite/internet office at 120 Highway 71 South and the other located at 901 ½ Highway 71 South.  “We saw a need for the car sales and we decided to sell them, we sell used cars with a primary focus on cars under $4,000 because there is no sales tax payment required on them,” explained Rick.

Rick and George both travel a lot with work and leave the day-to-day business in the hands of their wives and their trusted managers.  Kim manages the financial side of the business while Adrianna focuses on the accounting and paperwork for the car sales.  John Kincaid works as their General Manager over the entire operation and has worked with the Davis Brothers for many years.  “John is absolutely vital to our success.  He has worked with us for the past 17 years and oversees all of our business operations,” said Rick.  Rocky Slusser manages their car business.  “Rocky does a fantastic job buying and selling cars,” said George.  “We really appreciate all the business we have received, especially those repeat customers for their continued support,” said Rocky.  “We have customers that come back every year to trade in their car or buy another one and many customers that will send their family members down to buy from us.  We really appreciate that kind of business and all our customers,” explained Kim.

The Davis Brothers have 20 employees and serve people all over the state of Arkansas as well as parts of Oklahoma and Texas.  They have been named in the top ten retailers for Direct TV Nationwide, the top ten retailers for Exceed nationwide, and are in the Top 100 retailers for Dish Network.  Those are high honors coming from a small community.  “We are so thankful for all our employees, they are good and loyal and so awesome at customer service.  We really appreciate them,” said Kim.

To the Davises family is deeply important.  “We love the small, close knit, and safe environment that Polk County offers us. I grew up in the Washington D.C. area so I have a real appreciation for small town life,” explained Adrianna.  “We love the people here,” added George.  “And it’s even better because our extended families are here.  All of the cousins play together and get to spend time with their grandparents and we love it,” said Kim.

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