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Boozman praises healthcare workers

By Jeri Borst

As Senator John Boozman spoke to health care representatives and community leaders at Mena Regional Health System last week, he commented that before becoming a senator, he was first an optometrist and his brother is an ophthalmologist.

From working in the medical field, Boozman said he is able to empathize what burdens have been placed on healthcare workers.

“I do understand what’s going on,” Boozman said. “The trials and tribulations y’all are going through. It is unprecedented, and I can’t praise you enough… Hospitals are vital. They are the one of the first things people look at when looking to move to a community, and it is important we support you.”

Boozman said he was a proponent of the funding provided through the CARES Act and is also a supporter of continued funding through the crisis created by COVID-19.

“Out job is to provide resources to continue the work you are doing,” he said, noting that includes first responders, law enforcement.

“We are blessed in Arkansas and thank God we are not dealing with the situations going on in Portland or Seattle.”

Boozman also spoke with County Judge Brandon Ellison, Sheriff Scott Sawyer about their concerns and said he was eager to hear the issues facing Polk County so his office can lend a hand.

Boozman also responded to questions about mail-in voting and the post office, saying it is a vital service not only for absentee ballots, but also critical to rural areas for people who depend on the US Postal Service.

Photo by Jeri Borst

Senator John Boozman speaks to community leaders at Mena Regional Health System Tuesday, Aug. 18 as part of his tour to hospitals across the state.

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