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Charlie Company Seeks Community Support


Soldiers of the local National Guard Armory, the 39th Infantry Brigade, more commonly known as Charlie Company, have arrived safely at The Horn of Africa after being deployed on January 1, 2017. The unit deployed 139 soldiers for a yearlong stint overseas.

Although they have most necessities, there are a few things the soldiers have requested to make their deployment a little easier. One reported needing bug zappers. Not only are the bugs “eating them alive,” it is also much hotter there than  in Polk County.

Other items requested were: head lamps, spotlights, and box fans. Personal addresses of soldiers cannot be published for security reasons, so, if you or someone you know would like to purchase and donate the items, contact Jodi Croft at 479-216-6721. Croft will send the items through the proper channels to make sure the soldiers receive them.


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  1. So they need you again. Shows “The Brass” still knows which unit will get the job done. I pray for your safety. How many times has that happened? My time was Korea with Battery A, 937th Field Artillery Battalion, but there was WW II and many times since.

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