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City of Mena Holding Public Meetings for Upcoming Baseball/Softball Seasons


The City of Mena is gearing up for the upcoming baseball/softball season and is holding public meetings beginning this week for citizens to have the opportunity to become more actively involved.

The meetings will be facilitated by Bobby Copelin, Interim Parks and Recreation Director, of the Aubrey Tapley Sports Complex. The first meeting will be held January 15, 2014 at City Hall beginning at 6 p.m. to focus on baseball and the second meeting will be held January 22 (also at City Hall at 6 p.m.) and will focus on softball. Both meetings will be used for discussing leagues, tournaments, etc. Copelin invites the community to become more actively involved, “Please attend this meeting if you want to be a coach, board member, tournaments staff or have suggestions or ideas.”

The sports complex’s development and on-going maintenance is funded by the Advertising & Promotion tax that is collected from restaurants and hotels within the city limits.


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