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Conference and Festival to unite and entertain Bigfoot enthusiast

After years of request, the area will host an event dedicated to the elusive Bigfoot.

The 2020 Ouachita Bigfoot Festival and Conference is a three-day event and will have numerous vendors, food, games, activities, door prizes, and a conference with renowned researchers and speakers.

The event will take place at The Blue Zipline, and owner Shelly Alston said she is looking forward to answering the call to commune with the creature.

“I worked in events for 17 years doing festivals, conventions and trade shows,” Alston said. “For about two years people have been mentioning a Bigfoot festival. It was said enough that I said okay. There is a lot of local interest and local people were telling me to do this.”

As far as her personal views, Alston said she is open to theories.

“There is a creature out there. I don’t believe he is magical or alien, but there is something out there tall and hairy, that walks around on two feet, that is not a bear.”

There are several confirmed conference speakers including Marvin Leeper -Author and Researcher, Keith Crabtree – researcher and “The Monster” in the movie, The Legend of Boggy Creek, Will Lunsford- researcher, Shane Church of Southern Bigfoot Alliance – casting demonstrations, and Eudell Headresearcher.

“One of our guest speakers for this year’s conference is Eudell Head. Eudell is a native of Mena,” Alston said. “We are really glad to have him. He has been in the field consistently researching for over five years.”

Eudell is a Navy veteran and a 29 year law enforcement officer. He partnered for years with the legendary bigfoot hunter Robert Dodson in his research area in Eastern Oklahoma.

Through his research, Eudell has had numerous sightings and has developed techniques to aid in the pursuit of Bigfoot evidence.

Additional Festival/Conference Information

On-site Camping will also be available.

Water & electric hookups will not be available for campsites. RVs and tents are welcome. Generators welcome.

Overnight campers will be eligible to take part in ‘squatch expeditions each night.


Friday, September 25th, 10am to 5pm.

Saturday, September 26th, 9am to 5pm.

Sunday, September 27th, 9am to 3pm.


Friday, September 25th, 12noon to 4pm.

Saturday, September 26th, 11am to 4pm.

Festival and Conference tickets available at the gate.

Festival admission:

$1 per person. ages 3 and under are free.

Conference admission:

$5 per day.

Under age 5 is free.

For more information call The Blue Zipline & Farm at 479-216-8639

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