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Cornerstone Pentecostal Church


By Michael Reisig

Pastor Scott Jones and The Cornerstone Pentecostal Church in Mena have been in the business of bringing people to God since 2010. They may be a new church but they practice an old-style faith – straight from The Bible and The Cross.

Pastor Jones was born and raised in Mena. He graduated from Acorn High School in 1991. His wife and partner in faith, Brenda, was born in Oklahoma but raised in Acorn. The actually met for the first time in kindergarten, but they met again in 1998 at Acorn High School. They were married in 1999. Together they own Jones Paint and Body on Highway 71 in Mena.

“We felt from the beginning that pastoring was what we wanted to do,” Jones said. “We had been in ministry and attended local churches since 1995, and we pastored a couple churches before we felt a call to start a church here in Mena. It had been our goal, to start our own church, and in 2010 it became a reality with Cornerstone Pentecostal.”

Pastor Jones said they started with just 10 members but today they average between 90 and 110 folks each Sunday, and are continuing to grow.

“Our church is simply back to the basics,” Jones explained. “We are what I would call an old-time Pentecostal church – no frills, bells, or whistles. Our mission statement is basically we teach the complete work of The Cross – that everything was completed at the Cross – salvation, sanctification, healing, baptism – all rise out of and complete themselves at The Cross. We believe that Christ paid the full debt on Calvary, and because of that we are able to receive and experience these things.”

As far as mission work, Jones said his congregation feels that Polk County is the richest mission field, and rather than work missions in South America or Africa, they concentrate on mission efforts in their own county, serving friends and neighbors in need.

“The people of this congregation are giving, loving, and family-oriented,” Jones explained. “The best example I can give you is, this congregation, through personal effort and donation, allowed us to build our 3000 square-foot sanctuary absolutely debt-free. They truly believe and trust in The Lord one hundred percent.”

Jones said Cornerstone Church offers services on Sundays at 10:45 in the morning, and again at 6 p.m. They have a youth service at 10:45 on Sundays as well – a full service with preaching.

“Carrying The Word to our youth is so important,” he added. “Passing the torch.” On Wednesdays they have a full service at 7 p.m. as well.

“Our goal as Cornerstone Church is to reach the lost of this community and bring them into the fold,” Pastor Jones added. “Anyone is welcome to visit with us and experience old-time Pentecostal faith.”

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