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Cotton Statement on the Indictment of “Mr. Social Security”

Cotton Statement on the Indictment of “Mr. Social Security” 

Washington, D.C.— Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement on the indictment of Kentucky attorney Eric C. Conn for his alleged role in a scheme to fraudulently obtain more than $600 million in federal disability payments:

“The indictment of Eric C. Conn – a Kentucky attorney who called himself “Mr. Social Security” and is alleged to have stolen millions from the disabled – is long overdue and is an important step toward fixing our broken Social Security Disability Insurance program. I’m grateful to former Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) for his efforts to help shine a spotlight on this problem throughout his career. Mr. Conn is accused of raiding millions from Social Security Disability Insurance —a program that is critical to thousands of Arkansans. Regrettably, this indictment won’t be enough to preserve the long–term solvency of Social Security Disability Insurance. For too long, Congress has failed to act to help those on disability who can recover and get back to work. As a result, the Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund remains in danger of insolvency. Congress must act to save this important program.  In the coming weeks, I will work with my colleagues to introduce commonsense reforms that will ensure the long–term solvency of Social Security Disability Insurance.”

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