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Cotton Statement on WhatsApp and Facebook’s Decision to Fully Expand End-to-End Encryption on WhatsApp’s Services

Cotton Statement on WhatsApp and Facebook’s Decision to Fully Expand End-to-End Encryption on WhatsApp’s Services

Washington, D.C.— Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement on WhatsApp and Facebook’s decision to add end-to-end encryption on all of WhatsApp’s services:

“The WhatsApp and Facebook decision to add end-to-end encryption to all of WhatsApp’s services with no secure method to comply with valid search warrants continues a dangerous trend in the tech and data world.  This is an open invitation to terrorists, drug dealers, and sexual predators to use WhatsApp’s services to endanger the American people. We cannot allow companies to purposefully design applications that make it impossible to comply with court orders. We should have the same rules and expectations for tech and data companies that we do for telecom companies and banks: that the presumption of privacy contain narrow exceptions for court ordered searches related to law enforcement and national security.  I strongly urge WhatsApp and Facebook to reevaluate their decision before they help facilitate another terrorist attack.”

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  1. It is difficult to find a better reason to keep government out of private communications than a paranoid nitwit like Tom Cotton who sees a “terrorist” behind every bush and under every bed. “Dear Tommy – If I ever say bad things about you in a text, I’ll be sure to copy you on it.”

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