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County Road Department Completes Annual State Aid Project

From the office of the Polk County Judge –

The Polk County Judge’s Office is pleased to report a major resurfacing project on 17 miles of Polk County roads is complete. In cooperation with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD), the Polk County Road Department has prepared certain state aid eligible roads for a new surface.

Under the state aid program, Polk County is given credit for $217,000 each year to go towards a project on any county road that meets criteria specified by the AHTD. Polk County is required to match these funds with county dollars. The AHTD performs the engineering and bids the project out to qualified state aid contractors, and in this case, Salt Creek Paving, from Benton Arkansas, was awarded the bid for this $694,095.27 project. Polk County is responsible for $347,047.63 to match on this project.

“We were able to go over the yearly credit because we had retained unspent state aid money from 2015,” said County Judge Brandon Ellison. In addition to the match, the county is responsible for repairing sections of these selected roads to achieve the quality required for resurfacing. The repairs usually require the department to cut out sections of paving, excavate weak sub grades, install and compact new road base, and apply hot mix asphalt on the repaired sections. Those repairs cost an estimated $45,000 for materials, labor and equipment.

The Polk County Roads included in the project were: Polk 76E near Acorn for 1 mile east of Highway 71; Polk 44 (Bethesda Rd.) near Mena, 1.87 miles starting at city limits and stopping at County Road 42; Polk 48 in New Potter, .8 miles starting at RR tracks and terminating at Polk 39; Polk 38 in Potter/ Hatfield, 2 miles starting at Polk 37 and stopping at Polk 29; Polk 31 in Hatfield, 1.25 miles Highway 71S to Polk 36; Polk 26 in Hatfield, 2.70 miles from city limits, west; Polk 13 in Wickes, 1.93 miles from Highway 71S to Polk 11; Polk 5 in Grannis, 1 mile from Highway 278 for 1 mile south; and Polk 18 Cove/Vandervoort/Hatton, 4.6 miles included all of Polk 18.

“One of the basic tenants in our 10-year plan is to preserve the roads that are fundamentally sound. This philosophy requires us to seal these hard surfaced roads every eight to twelve years. This long-term approach will serve us well as we improve other roads to this status,” Ellison explained.

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