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Courthouse Operations Reduced Due to COVID-19

As of March 18th, and until further notice, operations in the Polk County Courthouse will be extremely reduced. We will be operating under a contingency of operations plan that will require many employees to work from home.

This practice will allow us to have a replacement should a co-worker(s) become quarantined. To be clear, the courthouse is open, but, we are discouraging visitors for every reason, except urgent business. If you happen to have urgent business, we are asking you to call that respective office in advance so that you can be advised of protocol.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a serious threat and the measures we are taking should ensure that there is not a lapse in the urgent business of the people of Polk County. Many items of business can be done by telephone, email, or US mail.

Assessor 479-394-8121

Circuit Clerk 479-394-8100

Circuit Judge 479-394-8107

Collector 479-394-8110

County Clerk 479-394-8126

County Judge 479-394-8133

Treasurer 479-394-8150

District Court 479-394-8140

Emergency Mgt. 479-394-8142

Juvenile 479-394-8145

Veterans Service 479-394-8147

Prosecuting Atty. 479-394-6114

It is our duty to prepare for this crisis as if it is imminent. For your protection and in particular, the protection of our seniors and health compromised, we ask you to stay home or away from close contact with others.

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