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Cove Town Council Adds Another Street to Network of Roadways

(COVE)  Members of Cove Town Council delved into the subject of adding another street to its network of roadways in the area.

A lengthy discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of adding Walker Drive and what costs would be involved to repair the street to the already set standards of other town owned roads.

Two residents on the roadway were present with their support of the town adding it to the list of roads.

One of those residents claimed that much of the problem with some of “the ruts” in the roadway was due to a utility company and had asked that company numerous times to fix the issue, but to no avail.

Then, the discussion on the costs of repairing the road lasted for a while, before Mayor Joanne Headley asked council members the ultimate question on whether or not to add the drive. After more discussion, members garnered enough support to pass a motion of making Walker Drive a part of the town.

Mayor Headley and other council members said that the roadway will be improved over a period of time and that they won’t be forgotten about.

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