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DABC Continues ‘Christmas Hope’ Program


Dallas Avenue Baptist Church will again be handing out ‘Christmas Hope’ for their sixth year. Worship Pastor Ron Riemar said all are invited and the church will open at 8 a.m. Saturday, December 12, when breakfast will be served. “Then, we will have shoes to give away to children and we will also give away diapers.” Riemar said the children must be present to receive their shoes.

Christmas Hope began in 2010 and is a blessing to many in the County. Riemar said “There are so many kids in our county that just need an extra pair of shoes. Moms and dads may be able to scrape together enough money to get the kids a pair of shoes at the beginning of school but by now, they are worn out. We are trying to give them soles and get their souls. We’re giving them something useful that they need and will help keep them well during the wintertime.”

Riemar added, “The bible says that we are suppose to do unto the least of these and when we’ve done it unto the least of these, we’ve done it unto Jesus. We’re doing this to minister and love families who may not have a lot at Christmastime.”


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