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Daughters of the American Revolution Program Shines Light on Patriotic Symbols

A  “Patriotic Symbols” presentation was given during the regular meeting of the James K. Polk Chapter March 12, 2020.  Presenters were Regent, Cortez Copher, and Photographer, Kay Dye, who ran a power point and youtube videos on a tv screen. First, the group took a recognition test of 10 patriotic symbols. Next  was recognition of  the first five Founding Fathers and a historic symbol for each one.  A brief history of the “WAR of 1812”  was given to lead into the next group of symbols. At first, no one recognized a picture of Samuel Wilson, the meat packer, who supplied the Continental Army with barrels of salted meat stamped U.S. until …Cortez held up a bobble-head of Uncle Sam. She showed a burned “People’s House” as she told a brief story about Dolly Madison grabbing important papers and George Washington’s picture off the wall before leaving the White House as the “Red Coats” were coming.  Pots of food were left behind which the British enjoyed before burning the White House and the National Capitol  building.  Next, a picture of Francis Scott Key on board a British Ship was shown . As he was watching Ft. McHenry being bombarded by the British, he wrote the poem, “Defense of Ft. McHenry” later written with music and became the national  song in 1931.  “The History of the Star Spangled Banner”  from youtube was then played.  The presentation ended with a story about the Battle of New Orleans, pictures of Jackson standing on a cotton Bale, and Singing the song, Battle of New Orleans.”

Group picture of the James K. Polk Chapter with speaker,  Cortez Copher, who presented “Patriotic Symbols” for program.Submitted photo by Kay Dye.

Cortez Copher presented “Patriotic Symbols” as a descendant of Josiah Earp, her 4th G Grandfather who guarded British troops at the Battle of Yorktown. Submitted photo by Kay Dye.

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