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Dustball Rally Cars Race Through Mena


On Tuesday afternoon, a group of Dustball Rally Cars stopped in Mena on their way to New York City. The group was quick to say that they are not in a ‘race’ but rather a ‘rally’ and explained the “difference with distinction.” One of the drivers, who would only identify himself as Tom, said, “Rally is where we have very vague directions, it’s untimed, so it doesn’t matter who gets there first, it’s getting to the end and to the right place.” Tony explained that the directions may be as vague as “turn right at the blue sign.” It’s up to the drivers to determine which blue sign is the correct one.

The Dustball Rally started in Dallas on Tuesday morning and only has until Friday to reach New York City. They also explained that they are not a ‘club’ but just a group of people who like cars. Some of the drivers were from Florida, Michigan, West Texas, and Chicago, all with the common love of driving rally style.