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Codified Book of Ordinances Approved by Quorum Court


At the July meeting of the Polk County Quorum Court held on Tuesday, July 28, Justices of the Peace approved an ordinance for appropriation of accounts and line-item transfers. An ordinance to approve a new codified book of ordinances was also passed.

In 2009, the General Assembly of Arkansas passed a law requiring that all counties codify their ordinances. The Association of Arkansas Counties performed the service free of charge for all counties in their organization by taking microfilms of the ordinances and then codifying and creating the book.

County Judge Brandon Ellison said that now that the book is made, each county will be responsible for keeping it updated.

County Extension Agent Carla Vaught was at the meeting and thanked the Justices of the Peace for allowing County 4-H members to shadow them at last month’s meeting. Vaught also gave a rundown of the club’s upcoming activities that focus on understanding and becoming a part of governmental processes. Some of the activities include visiting the Governor and shadowing county officials in the coming weeks.

The next Polk County Quorum Court meeting will be Tuesday, August 25, at 6 p.m. in the Polk County Office Complex on Pine Street. Sterling Penix, the Governor’s Appointee Over Jail Standards, is expected to speak at that meeting concerning non-compliance issues and the possible closure of the Polk County Jail.


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