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Election Commission Meets to Discuss Ballot Omissions


The Polk County Election Committee met this morning to discuss an issue involving inadvertently leaving off three candidates from next Tuesday’s ballot. Michael Myers, Sue Cavner, and John Maddox, candidates for Rich Mountain Community College’s Board of Trustees are each running unopposed.

The Commission sought legal council through the Secretary of State’s Office and the State Board of Election Commissioners who advised them to file an affidavit stating: 1) What the error on the ballet is; 2) That the candidates have been notified; 3) That the candidates are ‘ok’ with their names not being on the ballot; 4) If the candidates are ‘ok’ with their names not being on the ballot, to just leave the ballot ‘as is.”

All candidates were contacted by the Commission and have all stated that they are ‘ok’ with not being on the ballot; therefore, the Commission will file the affidavit and leave the ballots ‘as is.’

There will be ‘no negative impact on the election’ due to the mistake and the public is spared the cost of reprinting new ballots.


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