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Enjoy the Spirit of the Leprechauns at March Cash Mob

Submitted by Judy Thompson

Judy Thompson, Downtown Business Liaison and Cash Mob Coordinator, grins and says that if you’re looking for the leprechaun’s pot of gold, you need to visit downtown Mena because the shops in downtown are truly a treasure.  Thompson invites everyone to the monthly Downtown Cash Mob.  The Cash Mob meets the second Saturday of each month.  The March Mob is being hosted by American Artisans at 10:00 AM, March 14.

Cash Mobs continue to be popular throughout the country and are an entertaining way to encourage shoppers into businesses where they not only normally shop but also to stores that they are not familiar with.  The monthly Mobs provide an opportunity to shop at various businesses and promote the Buy Local effort of Mena Downtown Partners.

Through Downtown Partners’ member businesses, door prizes and special incentives are given to Mob’sters.  In addition to the door prizes, the host provides complimentary refreshments.  After fun ways to get to know each other, the name of the shop to be mobbed is drawn.  The Mob’sters then converge as a group on the shop.   Rules to participate are very simple… 1) Commit to spend at least $20 at each Cash Mob and 2) Have fun.  It is not necessary to be pre-registered as a Mob member.  Just show up and sign in at the door.  Everyone is invited.  Help the local economy and indulge in that all-American pastime of….shopping!  Be a part of the treasure that is downtown Mena and join the Mob at American Artisans on March 14.

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